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Flash Moving Sale: $12 Meet + Make Boxes!

August 25, 2015

Ever wanted to attend a Meet and Make? Now you can with Meet and Make boxes! The kits come with everything you need to make your own DIY project. Perfect for hosting a girls night at home or as gifts.

As you may have heard, we’re moving from Orlando to Los Angeles next week! We’re going to moving into a bungalow in Venice which we’re super excited about! But the thing about moving into a home only slightly larger than half the size of your current house is that you can’t take everything with you. Which is a bummer for us but really good for you!

All remaining Meet + Make boxes have been reduced to $12 including shipping! Yep! You read that correctly. These babies need to move before we head out next week so grab a DIY painted wood panel kit for yourself and your besties and have your own Meet + Make this weekend!

Buy your $12 Meet + Make box here!

Everything you need to make a modern wall art piece is including in the Meet and Make box! Click through to learn more about these DIY kits.

Love these geometric wood panels! Buy all the supplies in an adorable box. Click through for details.

If you’re in central Florida, we’re also selling furniture and home decor items. Check out my Instagram sale to score a killer deal on some awesome pieces!

We’re Moving to Los Angeles!

August 22, 2015

Blogger Sarah Hearts is moving from Orlando, Florida to Los Angeles, California! Click through to share your cross country moving tips.

We just got back from the UK last night and we’re unpacking only to pack up again because next week we’re moving to Los Angeles!

This may seem a bit out of the blue, but we’ve been wanting to move to southern California for years. We decided that it was finally time to make the big move across the country and just make it happen. Kevin’s been traveling to LA about once a month for the past several months for work and it just feels like it’s finally time!

We’re going to be living in a little bungalow in Venice so we’re trying to sell a lot of furniture and other home decor items since we’ll have about half the space we currently have. If you’re local to Orlando, check out my Instagram sale to score a great deal on West Elm furniture and more! We’re going to spend the week packing and hope to hit the road the following week!

Oh and if you live in LA and know of a great barn to board a horse please let me know. I’m on the search for a great barn to board Justin, because yep, he’s going too!

Next week I’ll have some of my favorite bloggers sharing some great DIY projects and recipes right here on Sarah Hearts as we make our way across the country. And if you’ve made a long haul, cross-country move before please share any packing tips! We’ve never done a move this big before (and with a pup in tow too!) so any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Links to Love

August 14, 2015

Summer treats for your home, feet or to eat! Check out these adorable DIY projects. (Click through for links to each one)

Yesterday we had our first truly London day as it was cool, gray and rainy most of the day. Today’s looking a little better and I’m excited to explore the city a bit more. We are spending the weekend in east London at Summer in the City (if you’re here let’s meet up!) and then spending one more day in central London before heading to Tilton on the Hill, a tiny village where will be spending the rest of our week. If you have any favorite spots to visit around Leicester, please leave a comment below. I’m so excited to get a glimpse of the English countryside next week.

I’ll be blogging a lot less over the next week as we explore the UK but in the meantime, here are some adorable DIY summer treats for your office, your feet or to even eat!

1. Don’t you just want to marble everything now? I do!

2. You know I love scallops and this scalloped cork board is just so perfect!

3. I think every waffle cone should have an awesome wrapper like these.

4. Another reason to purchase white canvas shoes—paint popsicles on them!

I’m also loving…

These tulle pom pom shoe clips.

These printable pretzel invitations (yes, you read that correctly!)

My cozy polka dot bath robe.