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DIY Color Blocked Farmer’s Market Basket

March 31, 2015

Get ready for summer and create a color blocked market basket. Perfect for toting around the farmers' market! (Click through for step-by-step tutorial)

Summer sure feels like it’s in full swing here in Florida. The days are warm (and often down right hot) and the afternoon thunderstorms have begun. Even though I’m really dreading the heat, there are a few warm weather traditions I just love about this time of year: farmers’ markets and spending time outdoors. And since no activity can go without a fun DIY project here’s my take on a market basket.

This basket it great for trips to the farmers’ market, but would also be handy around the garden or at a picnic. It even could be used inside the home to stow toys or blankets! I love using it on trips to the farmers’ market because it holds a ton of produce and it’s large enough that I don’t have to worry about heavier items squishing smaller, more delicate things. It’s also perfect for toting around groceries when you just need to pick up a couple items (like some Natalie’s oj). You can carry it around in the store and then take your groceries home in the same basket. I just love projects that are useful and pretty and this one is both!

This DIY color blocked farmers'  market basket is the perfect project for spring!

Time: 1 hour + drying time
Supplies: metal basket / white spray paint / acrylic craft paint in any 2 colors / painter’s tape / paint brush / 1″ leather strips / hot glue gun


Step 1: Spray paint the entire basket white. It’s best to apply a couple thin coats to avoid any paint drips. Allow it to dry completely overnight.


Step 2: Place a piece of painter’s tape all the way around the bottom third of the basket.


Step 3: Paint the lower bottom one color (I chose a mustard yellow). Once you’ve painted all the wary around, paint the inside of the basket. This will help smooth out any paint that may have gone on a little thick. Then remove the tape and allow it to dry. You can speed up the drying process by drying the paint with a hair dryer.


Step 4: Place more tape about 1.5″ above the top of the painted bottom section.


Step 5: Paint this part a different color (I chose a pale mint green). It’s not necessary to paint the bottom edge, just go slow and paint along the top line of the other color. Since the basket is a mesh pattern, it’s pretty forgiving. Also paint the inside stripe of color, like you did with the bottom section. Remove the tape and allow it to dry.


Step 6: Cover the basket handles with leather by wrapping 1″ leather strips around the handles. Wrap the leather around the handles, pulling it tight as you go (the leather will stretch some). Once you’ve wrapped the leather all the way around, secure each end with some hot glue. Continue with another piece of leather until the entire handle is covered. Repeat with the other basket handle and then you’re basket is ready for the farmer’s market!

Love this simply DIY color blocked market basket. It's perfect for carrying farmers' market produce or groceries.


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April 2015 Calendar Wallpaper

March 30, 2015

Dress up your desktop with daisies and always have a calendar at hand with this fun free downloadable wallpaper. Click through to download it for your computer, phone or tablet.

It’s already almost April and that means it’s also time for a new wallpaper! This month’s wallpaper skips over all those April shower and heads right into the best part about spring—all those pretty flowers!Be always blooming. Add some inspiration to your desktop with this free daisy wallpaper. Click through to download it for all your devices.Download this month’s wallpaper for all your devices:

Computer | Computer with calendar | Computer with quote
Retina display | Retina display with calendar | Retina display with quote
iPhone | iPhone with calendar | iPhone with quote |  iPhone home screen wallpaper
iPad | iPad with calendar | iPad with quote | iPad home screen wallpaper

 You’ll notice I no longer have separate downloads for the iPhone 6/6 Plus and previous iPhones. Don’t worry—the iPhone wallpapers available for download will fit all generations of the iPhone. Just note that both the iPhone and iPad wallpapers are created to fit the screen without perspective zoom. When you set your wallpaper turn perspective zoom off by pinching the screen to view the entire design.

Dress up your devices for spring with this adorable daisy wallpaper!Add a touch of spring to your desktop with this free downloadable wallpaper. Click through to get it for all your devices.

What would you like to see on next month’s wallpaper? Leave a comment and let me know. I love be inspired by your ideas!

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5 Ways to DIY a Wooden Tray

March 27, 2015

Looking for a fun project? How about creating your own serving tray using one of these 5 awesome but simple DIY ideas! #5waystoDIY

Happy Friday! If you’re looking for a fun DIY project this weekend, how about creating a wood serving tray? Here are 5 different ways to personalize a plain unfinished wood tray.

Which one will you create?

1. Gold patterned wood tray by Pars Caeli

2. Fabric covered tray by The Crafted Life

3. Triangle painted wood tray by Oleander + Palm

4. Wood burned monogram tray by A Bubbly Life

5. Polka dot painted tray by Sarah Hearts

Sarah Hearts Orlando: P is for Pie

March 26, 2015

Blogger Sarah of Sarah Hearts shares where to get the best pie in Orlando (and central Florida) in her local series called Sarah Hearts Orlando.

I have a sweet tooth. A really big one. So it’s no surprise that the next place in Orlando I want to share is P is for Pie bake shop.

If you’re a pie lover you absolutely need to stop in and try one (or three) of their delicious pies. Chef-owner Tara Gould bakes up pie is just about every form you can think of that will satisfy every pie fan. The cute shop is located in the Audubon Park district and is a new gem in this already great neighborhood.

Giant metal letters spell out pie on the walls of Pie is for Pie bake shop in Orlando, Florida.

P is for Pie Bake Shop in Orlando, Florida is a pie lovers dream! They bake up the most delicious treats daily.

Pie lovers will adore P is for Pie bake shop in Orlando, Florida which sells freshly baked pies and pretty cake stands like this bright orange one.

If you're looking for a good cup of coffee and something sweet next time you're in central Florida, check out P is for Pie back shop in Orlando.

In addition to delicious pies, they serve equally delicious Stumptown coffee. A big cup of good coffee (loaded with lots of cream and sugar) is the perfect accompaniment to their delicious pies.

This giant square is the most delicious carrot cake ever! It's from P is for Pie Bake Shop in Orlando, Florida. Next time you're at Disney hop on the highway and visit this shop.

If you prefer cake over pie, you must try the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. It’s moist and has just the right amount of spice. The cream cheese frosting is just perfection and I’m craving it now as I type!

If you have a craving for something sweet head over to P is for Pie bake shop in Orlando, Florida. They have delicious pies, cakes, and Stumptown coffee.

These heart shaped pecan pie pops would be perfect for a wedding.

The bake shop caters special events and these heart shaped caramel pecan pie pops just came out of the oven for a wedding that day. I sampled their caramel pecan hand pie and I now know why it’s their most popular pie. The crust is loaded with coarse sugar and has the perfect crunch when you bite into it. I didn’t know I could love pecan pie any more but now I do!

Next time you're in Orlando head over to P is for Pie bake shop and try one of their delicious pies.

If you have a sweet tooth and love baked goods you have to check out P is for Pie bake shop in Orlando next time you're in and around central Florida.

Photography by Amalie Orrange Photography

Dress: Boden | Watch: Nixon

Check out my other favorite places to visit in and around central Florida on my Orlando page. Do you have a favorite spot in Orlando that you think I should visit next? Leave a comment and let me know!