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Favorite Tabletop Planters

Loving this pom pom planter by @thecraftedlife! Click through for 20 other great tabletop planters.

DIY pom pom planter by The Crafted Life

Little by little I’m slowly making our home into a jungle. And I absolutely love it. While I haven’t always had the best luck with houseplants, I’m going on my longest stretch ever of keeping all of mine alive. I think it mostly has to do with how much sunlight our house gets. And the fact that I gave up trying to maintain fickle fiddle leaf figs and opted for much easier to care for plants.

If you want to give your green thumb a try, I’ve rounded up 20 of my favorite tabletop planters you can by right now. They are all small enough to stick on a desktop, dresser, or side table to add some instant greenery to your home.

Add some greenery to your home with a houseplant in one of these pretty tabletop planters.

  1. This 3-piece planter set would be pretty arranged in a group or throughout your home.
  2. Put a snake plant in this planter and it looks like a pineapple!
  3. Gold faux marble adds subtle texture.
  4. Major mid-century modern vibes with this planter.
  5. Millennial pink planter. Need I say more?
  6. Teeny tiny pot perfect for a succulent.
  7. The happiest planter ever.
  8. The mirrored gold finish on this planter is so sleek.
  9. This rectangular galvanized planter works with both modern and rustic aesthetics.
  10. French macaron colored fluted planters would be perfect for herbs.
  11. This handmade bear planter would be adorable in a nursery.
  12. Loving this modern variation of a traditional terra-cotta planter.
  13. The geometric planter would make a cute desk accessory.
  14. The soothing mint green metal planter would be so pretty with a fern.
  15. The planter and stand combo is similar to ones from the 1950’s.
  16. The almost-white-but-still-millennial-pink color of this planter is so good.
  17. This glass greenhouse has cute scalloped details and works with most small planters.
  18. Loving the metallic gold rim on this hand plant splatter planter.
  19. Opt for a faux-marble planter and save a major $$$.
  20. This hand-poured concrete dish makes a great mini succulent planter.

Looking for more ways to add plants to your home? Try painting a basket and using it as planter or making a house number wall planter.

Homemade Tropical Trail Mix Recipe

Salty, sweet and a taste of the tropics! You're going to love this homemade tropical trail mix.

Whether you like salty or sweet this easy-to-make homemade tropical trail mix satisfies both palates. It’s packed with protein thanks to the nuts and Harvest Snaps and the coconut chips and dark chocolate give it just the right amount of sweet.

Keep this trail mix handy all summer long when you’re craving a snack…or when you’re stuck in traffic on the 405. I keep a bag handy for this very reason! And if you’re like me and you often get hungry between meals, this is a healthier snack to grab.

Check out the full recipe and video below!

Salty, sweet and a taste of the tropics! You're going to love this homemade tropical trail mix.

Homemade Tropical Trail Mix Recipe


1 cup roasted + lightly salted almonds
1 cup roasted + lightly salted macadamia nuts
1 cup dried pineapple
1 cup dried mango
1 cup dried banana
1 cup dried coconut chips
1 cup dark chocolate chunks
1 bag Lightly Salted Harvest Snaps


Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Gently stir to combine and then enjoy! Store the extra trail mix in an air tight container.

Salty, sweet and a taste of the tropics! You're going to love this homemade tropical trail mix.

Salty, sweet and a taste of the tropics! You're going to love this homemade tropical trail mix.

flamingo cups | pineapple cups

This video was created in partnership with Harvest Snaps

Links to Love

Celebrate everyday! Loving this color palette.

Photo from my Instagram feed | Sandals

Happy Friday!

I’m back after a super quick trip to the east coast to visit our newborn nephew. Needless to day, I’m completely smitten by little Max James. As with most travels, the next week days will be spent playing catchup with work and other deadlines. Although, if the sun decides to peek through this June gloom, I’ll be sure to get a bike ride and maybe some horseback riding in!

What fun things are you doing this week?

This week I’m loving…

This patio refresh.
This brunch for dad and these gift tags.
And make him these too.
This new dating column.
You can mod podge floaties?
Pom poms on everything, yes please!
This way to write on cakes is genius.

Master Bedroom Decor Refresh

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Devine Color. All opinions are 100% mine.

Loving this master bedroom refresh with @devinecolor items from @target

For some reason, the bedroom always is the last to be decorated in our home. That was the case in our first apartment, our first home and now in our rental bungalow. Does that happen in your home too? The living room and home office are always the first priority because guests see the living room and I need a finished workspace to be productive. But the bedroom? Always the last on the list! So today I’m excited to share how I finally got around to finishing our bedroom with affordable DIY updates with Devine Color + Target.

When we moved to California, the only bedroom furniture we brought was our Malm dressers that I hacked over 4 years ago. Since the move, we added a headboard and this painting I did but that was it. Definitely in need of a refresh for sure. Our dresser tends to be the place we collect junk and the bed was a collection of mismatched pillows. Here’s a peek at what it looked like before and what it looks like now. What a difference!

Loving this master bedroom refresh with @devinecolor items from @target

Our bedroom feels like a hotel room & I absolutely adore that!

Wondering what changes I made? I started with Devine Color by Valspar wallpaper and paints and then finished with some decor accessories from Target. Devine Color products are available exclusively at Target which is super convenient because I love, love, love Target and I know many of you do too. It made this room refresh easy-peezy because all the items are available at the fabulous one-stop-shop. All of the Devine Color by Valspar products are available in the home improvement section of the store, near the lightbulbs. They are also available online too so if you don’t see the exact color or pattern you’re looking for (or if you live in LA and don’t want to spend forever in traffic) you can have them shipped to you too.

This gold dot wallpaper is peel and stick so it's rental friendly. Easily remove it when you move out!

peel and stick wallpaper

The update that makes the biggest impact is definitely the Speckled Dot Peel & Stick Wallpaper in Karat—a warm gold dot pattern with a subtle metallic shimmer. We installed this on the entire wall that our bed is on to create a statement wall. We covered a 12′ wide wall with just 4 rolls of wallpaper. And no glue or water is needed for this stuff, you just peel and stick it onto the wall. And it’s renter-friendly too since it can be removed when you move.

Use Devine Color paint to update the color of furniture like side tables and chairs.

update existing furniture

I updated the mid-century modern side table that I revamped a couple years ago using Devine Color by Valspar Paint in Petal. The perfectly pinky orange color adds a great pop of warm color to our otherwise pretty neutral room. I applied three coats of paint, allowing it to dry for 2-4 hours between coats. When I was done, I refreshed the legs with Devine Color by Valspar Metallic Paint in Karat. They are now more golden than before!

Update affordable home decor accessories from Target using Devine Color metallic paint

add accents

I added pattern and texture to the room with these simple Target accessories. The ceramic container from the Dollar Spot at Target serves as a catch all container and the ceramic flower pot makes a perfect planter. I painted both using the Devine Color by Valspar Metallic Paint in Karat. Just two coats and I now have decor that coordinates with the entire room.

Use @devinecolor paint to paint a large heart on poster board. Put it in a frame and you have instant art for your home.

create simple art

I painted a heart onto poster board using the Devine Color by Valspar Paint in Petal. Then I trimmed the poster board and placed it in a frame. So simple! The black and white print is an cell phone photo I took of my horse, Justin. I had it printed at my local copy store as an engineer print (think architectural blueprints) for less than $10.

Use @devinecolor paint to paint a large heart on poster board. Get photos printed as engineer prints for cheap, large art. Loving this master bedroom refresh with @devinecolor items from @target

I just love how the Devine Color by Valspar paint and wallpaper worked so well with the other items I found at Target. I mean, how perfect is this coral side table now? And it’s a match made in heaven with our Nate Berkus accent rugs.

Loving this master bedroom refresh with @devinecolor items from @target

To finish off the look, I picked up these throw pillows that have a tiny pop of coral and pink. They have a modern look with a slight retro vibe which is my favorite type of decor!

Loving this master bedroom refresh with @devinecolor items from @target

Since we only had one side table before, I was on the hunt for a stylish one that wasn’t too large. Our room is really tiny, and so many I found were just too unwieldy. I found this hourglass side table that fit the space perfectly and now we have a place to charge our phones and keep some tissues handy.

Loving this master bedroom refresh with @devinecolor items from @target

What room in your home is begging for a refresh? And what Devine Color by Valspar items would you use? Follow Devine Color on Instagram for some inspiration!

This post was created in partnership with Devine Color


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DIY Embroidered Tassel Throw Pillow

Learn how to make your own colorful tassel trimmed throw pillow! Click through to watch the video tutorial.

Now that summer is almost here I feel like it’s the perfect time to add color to your home. I don’t seem to have that problem through; I’m always drawn to pattern and color. But if you’re a little reluctant to add vibrant colors to your decor throw pillows are the perfect way to start. You can easily swap them out according to the season!

I created a super fun and oh-so-easy tassel throw pillow over on the Oriental Trading blog. Head over there today to see the full video tutorial and pick up all the supplies to make your own tassel trimmed throw pillow. I promise you don’t have to be a seamstress to make this one, only basic over under sewing skill required.

Learn how to make your own colorful tassel trimmed throw pillow! Click through to watch the video tutorial.

Watch the tassel pillow video tutorial over on the Oriental Trading blog!


Learn how to make your own colorful tassel trimmed throw pillow! Click through to watch the video tutorial.