DIY Doily Just Married Banner

September 29, 2010Sarah Khandjian

Today’s post features a sweet banner that would be the perfect way to communicate an endearing statement. I can image this hanging between trees in a rustic barn wedding, or behind a dessert table. It would also be a cute happy birthday or Mother’s Day banner. All you need is a few supplies and just about 15 minutes of your time.

• Doilies (I used 4″ round paper ones)
• Twine or thin ribbon about 12′ in length
• Acrylic, tempra or gouache paint
• Medium size round paint brush
• Cup of water for your brush
•  Clear Scotch tape

1. Paint one letter on each doily. Repeat this process until you spell out your desired word or phrase.
2. Starting on the front of each doily, thread the twine/ribbon through in an under/over fashion (see photos above). Repeat this step until all letters are threaded.
3. Arrange each letter so they are equal distant from one another and centered on the piece of twine/ribbon. Place a small piece of tape to the back of each doily to adhere the twine/ribbon to the doily.


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