Dry Erase Marker List on Washing Machine

dry erase marker on washing machine

dry erase marker on washing machine

A few months ago I saw an idea on Pinterest to use dry erase markers to write on the washing machine a list of items that can’t be dried in the dryer. I thought this was a great idea because Kevin and I have so many items of clothing that must be hung up to dry.

It can get a little confusing remembering which items go in the dryer and which ones don’t, so I decided to use my Silhouette Cameo (which I’m finding so many uses for) and some adhesive vinyl to make a little sign. I found dry erase markers that already have magnets attached to the lid, so they will stay put and won’t get lost. Now we both can do laundry and won’t have to guess (or accidentally shrink) which items don’t go in the dryer.

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  1. Hey girlie! I featured you on my blog today because I just LOVE the desktops you give for free on the first of every month! I am sad to see May go because it was my favorite one so far! 🙂

  2. Jennifer Reply

    You have no idea how many items you saved from the wrath of the dryer! I’m going to feature this on my blog! You are so creative!

  3. I need this for my washing machine! You wouldn’t believe how many items I’ve ruined by either being too lazy to read the tag (or cutting the tag off on sheer items) or by being in a hurry. A visual reminder is key. GENIUS!

  4. Starla Jenkins Reply

    Could I pay you to make me one of these decals to go on my washer? I couldn’t find one on etsy, and I love yours! Let me know!

  5. Cate Reply

    What font did you use?

  6. I gotta say a big no to this one. I can just see that marker staining some other clothing. My method is simple if it does not go in the dryer it goes in a mesh bag. I have big and small. The big laundry size work for many things as you can tie them off to any size and of douse the lingerie sizes. works for me!

  7. Kendra K Reply

    I love this idea and especially this decal…but dry erase marker doesn’t fully erase off the top of our washer. There’s still a red hue from when I tested it out. =(

    • Laura Reply

      As a teacher and expert on marker removal, try rubbing alcohol or nail Polish remover or even germex to try and clean off the hue.