DIY Painted Cork Coasters

DIY Painted Cork Coasters by Sarah Hearts

DIY Painted Cork Coasters by Sarah Hearts

DIY Painted Cork Coasters by Sarah Hearts

Somehow we’re always short on coasters. I’m not to sure how this happens since I remember us having around 10 at one time. I decided to solve this problem by making some simple, festive painted cork coasters. I first painted the cork solid red. Then I cut a heart out of paper to use as a template and used a pencil to trace the heart shape on the coasters. I mixed fine gold glitter and matte mod podge in a bowl and painted this onto the cork. After it dried I painted a second coat. This is a great way to add glitter to things without it getting everywhere and sticking to everything.

It’s such a simple project that would be great to do with kids and the design possibilities are endless. I’m thinking I may need to paint a set for each holiday!

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  1. Wow, I was just lamenting about my need for coasters. And these are beyond adorable! I need to do this!

    • Thanks so much! Isn’t it weird how they always seem to disappear?

  2. Wonderful idea. Valentines is just around the corner and this is a perfect gift.

  3. Debashis Reply

    OWao this are very nice.

  4. Sarah Goldfinger Reply

    These are adorable. Quick question: I’d like to do something like this for a wedding and I really don’t want guests covered in glitter! When you did the second coat was it just modpodge or modpodge and glitter? Thanks so much. Really great stuff !

    • Thanks Sarah! The second coat was with the Mod Podge and glitter mixture. The Mod Podge makes it like a glue and the glitter won’t rub off on you or your guests πŸ˜‰