LED Mason Jar Lights

This groom constructed a chandelier out of Ball mason jars. Each jar was controlled as a separate pixel, changed colors and lit up in rhythm to the song of their first dance. So cool!

Last weekend my favorite brother (ok, yes, he’s my only sibling) got married. It was hands down my favorite wedding I’ve attended, other than mine of course. The evening was beautiful, simple, laid-back and so much fun, just like my talented brother, Nick, and his equally talented wife, Sarah.

My brother is a video engineer and all-around an I-can-engineer-anything guy (he spent the last year on tour with this lady) so as soon as he and Sarah started planning their rustic barn wedding he knew he wanted to add his own touch to their big day. His idea was to construct a large chandelier using LED lights and mason jars. So be got together with his groomsmen, who are pro lighting, video, and set designers to building this gorgeous spiral chandelier. The perfect blend of rustic and tech, don’t you think?

The large chandelier was lit up in a solid white during the reception, then during their first dance, it changed colors just as the song dropped. It. Was. Stunning. And caught everyone buy surprise, including the bride!

Don’t want to DIY these? My brother and sis-in-law are selling them in their shop.

Clusters of frosted LED mason jar lights hung from the ceiling at this rustic barn wedding. So gorgeous and magical!

Love the mix of frosted LED mason jar lights and vintage vases at this rustic wedding.

A LED mason jar light chandelier! Perfect decor for a rustic wedding.

Love how each chair is different in this rustic barn wedding.

Love these DIY frosted mason jars filled with white LED lights. Simple but pretty way to add light to a reception space.

He began by frosting pint and quart size mason jars with a frosted glass spray to make the LED light more ambient and a bit warmer. He used the pint jars in the chandelier and used the larger quart jars scattered around the reception tables.

Thanks so much to Ball for providing all the jars to help make their creative vision possible!

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  1. Wouaou that’s very cool. Wich kind of Led he user? How it is possible to close the jar with the light incide? Where can I find this Led?
    Thanks for your answer. Best wishes

    • He bought LED tape on Amazon and drilled a hole in the lid of each jar so the lights could be placed inside.

  2. Christine Reply

    I don’t see any wires coming out of the ones on the table…where did he find LED strips that don’t require a power source? I’ve done a lot of searching and I can’t find anything like it.

    • The ones in the jars used battery powdered LED lights and the batteries are just adhered to the inside of the lids.

    • They are now selling them in their shop if you’d like to purchase the already assembled and frosted jars.

  3. New mom Reply

    The lights are beautiful. My daughter (in-law) saw them and must have for her wedding. Can you tell me what size rope was used?

    • Thanks so much! The rope was 1.5″ thick. If she doesn’t want to DIY them, they are now selling them in their shop.

  4. Kristina Reply

    I want to purchase a bunch of these for my best friends wedding next June 2016. Will these work for an outside wedding?

    • Yes, some of them will. I will have them connect with you directly about the details!

  5. I absolutely love this idea for all my clients that use their barns for events or wedding and need a temporary lighting option. I love all the different configurations as well!

  6. Vicki Reply

    How big around is the chandelier

    • It’s around 36″ in diameter.

      • michele Reply

        what is the base of the chandelier made from? A wagon wheel or solid piece of wood?

  7. Laudi Reply

    Hey Sarah… Online shop? Or can we go visit there in Atlanta??? Or lol is it there house ? Prob won’t want that !

  8. Tegan Reply

    What are the loops around the mason jars on the chandelier made of? That hold the jars to the string? And how did he attach them?

    • They are a medium gauge wire and that’s how they are attached to the frame. There is additional wire that is connected to the LED lights in each jar and links them together.

  9. Chelsey Reply

    How were the Mason jars held together on the rope? I want to do this idea for my wedding in October.

  10. carolyn lasala Reply

    what is the site for your brothers shop. I am thinking of purchasing some for a wedding. Carolyn

  11. alyssa Reply

    Trying to get some of the table mason jars but it says that the shop isnt available? Please email me with prices! Thanks!

  12. kim Reply

    Unable to open site to your brothers shop. Love the mason jar lights. Can you send me prices?

  13. Jessica Fish Reply

    Really neat idea…either the hanging ones or the ones on the tables. They look so pretty!