Favorite iPhone 7 Plus Cases

If you upgraded to an iPhone 7 Plus check out these adorable cases.

I’m pretty sure I’ll forever be an Apple fan girl. And the fact that I preordered the iPhone 7 Plus on the first day confirms that. After having an iPhone 6 for the past two years and taking thousands of photos on my phone, I decided it was time to upgrade to a Plus. I’m already loving the new camera lenses!

Whenever there’s a new phone launch, it takes the case manufacturers a couple months to catch up and release new designs. In the meantime, if you’re like me and tend to drop your phone or just want to protect it from dust or scratches, here are some of my favorite cases for all you other early adopters out there.

  1. Sonix Cora
  2. Kate Spade Larabee Black Dot
  3. Elemental Gold Glam
  4. Suite7Seven Sprinkle Donut
  5. Sonix Get It
  6. Sonix Sushi
  7. Sonix Magnolia
  8. Sonix x Urban Outfitters Jungle
  9. Speck Pink Presidio

And this little gadget is a must for any 7 Plus owner!

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  1. Oh, these are so cute! I’ve yet to get an iPhone of any kind – but these case would definitely be on my list.

  2. I just got my new iPhone 7 today!