Printable Spice Jar Labels

Organize your pantry using these free @avery customizable labels!

It’s time to do a little spring cleaning and get your spice collection in check! Because let’s face it, when you’re cooking no one wants to dig through a drawer to find that one spice. Today I’m sharing a set of brightly colored labels that are fully customizable and perfect for identifying spices. Just type, print, and stick and you’re on your way to an alphabetized pantry!

You can customize the labels using Avery’s free Design & Print Online software. Download my label template (link is below) and type in your own text. You can even change the font, font color and size while you’re there. Print them out on Avery Easy Peel Print-to-the-Edge Glossy Round Labels and stick them on spices jars.

Organize your pantry using these free @avery customizable labels!

Why stop at organizing your kitchen? These 6 oz. spice bottles are perfect for organizing all sorts of things from craft supplies to beauty items. They instantly add a pop of color and a load of tidiness to just about any space.

Organize your pantry using these free @avery customizable labels!


download the MyAvery file

Avery 22807 labels
spice jars
color inkjet or laser printer (I use this one)


  1. Download the MyAvery template and open it with Avery’s Design & Print Online software. Edit each the text within each label to reflect your needs. Hint: you can edit one label at a time by selecting Edit One in the Navigator menu. Then select on the label you want to edit and click the text box that says, “your text here.” Replace the text with the contents of each jar.
  2. Print the labels on the label paper. I recommend printing a low-quality grayscale print of your labels on plain copy paper before loading your printer with the labels. This way you can make adjustments to the alignment before you print on the good stuff.
  3. Hand wash the spice jars and lids and dry them before using. Peel and stick the labels onto the jars and fill them up!

Spice jars aren't just for spices, use them with these colorful @avery labels to organize your office or craft supplies.

Spice jars aren't just for spices, use them with these colorful @avery labels to organize your toiletries and hair accessories.

Organize your pantry using these free @avery customizable labels!

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  1. Cuuuuuuuuute! I like the idea of using them as supply jars labels. Pinned :))

  2. These are so cute. I would love to have a smaller version to stick on the TOP of my spice jars, since they sit in a spice rack that is a lower cabinet — and all I can see it the lids.

    • Thanks Annette! You can use the same template on smaller labels. Open it using the free Avery software and then change the template size to another Avery label that fits your jars.

  3. Oh my gosh every jar needs to look this cute! Totally pinned

  4. LOVE the colors, they are so fun! I know this sounds ridiculous but I am OBSESSED with spice jar organization. I have tried everything but we just don’t have enough storage space. But cute labels always help at least!

  5. These are adorable, and I love that they print all the way to the edges instead of having white space around the border!

  6. Are you kidding me how cute these are?!?!?!? Love em! Downloading now!

  7. That’s true. I always difficulty in finding the right spice. These cute labels could come of great use!
    Thanks for sharing with us:)

  8. Believe it or not, John is suuuuuuch a neat freak—especially when it comes to his spice collection. So, this project is right up his alley! I’ll have to share it with him ASAP. Thanks for making the handy downloads!!