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Harvest Snaps Reuben Sandwich with Homemade Thousand Island Dressing

Use up your left over corned beef from St. Patrick's Day to make these delicious @HarvestSnaps reuben sandwiches! PIN IT

I’ll admit I’m not one for St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe it’s because I’m not Irish or because I’m not a fan of beer. But one St. Patrick’s Day tradition I can get behind is corned beef. It’s actually kinda funny because I’m not a big meat eater but corned beef (and cabbage) is comfort food to me. If you’re […]

One Pot Vegan Curry Sweet Potato Soup

This creamy vegan one-pot soup recipe is so easy to make! Click though to watch the video! PIN IT

Today is National Sweet Potato Day and you bet I’ll be celebrating this one! Here’s a super easy, savory soup recipe that you’ll love. It’s vegan yet it’s still super creamy thanks to coconut milk and the icing on the soup is a sprinkle of Harvest Snaps! One Pot Vegan Curry Sweet Potato SoupVegan Curry […]