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June 2015 Meet + Make

May 16, 2015

Come craft with blogger Sarah Hearts at her next Meet + Make workshop in Orlando, Florida on Friday, June 19th!

It’s that time again! Tickets are on sale for the next Meet + Make!

We will be creating painted 10″ x 10″ geometric wall art panels while enjoying snacks, sips and swag from fabulous sponsors!

In effort to accommodate more attendees, this month’s workshop will be held at The Orange Studio in the Mills 50 district. If you’ve been wanting to go but weren’t able to snag a ticket before now’s your chance! Since tickets usually sell out in a couple hours I wanted to host the next workshop in a larger venue to make the event accessible to more people central Florida. So text your bestie and purchase your tickets today!

Purchase your Meet + Make tickets here.

Video by White In Revery

If you’ve wondering what Meet + Make is about, check out the video above. You’ll get a glimpse of the fun that’s in store for the next workshop.

Mother’s Day Links to Love

May 8, 2015

Create something special for mom with these awesome, simple Mother's Day DIY projects.

Hello Friday and hello (almost) Hawaii!

This weekend we’re heading to Oahu, Hawaii for an exciting event with one of my favorite craft companies. We’re heading out a couple days before the event to explore the island and for a little r+r.  If you have any favorite spots to visit or places to eat in Oahu please leave a comment below and let me know. I’ll be taking next week off from the blog while we’re away. If you want to see what I’m up to, be sure to follow me on Instagram and make sure you’re signed up to my mailing list because when I get back the next Meet + Make will be announced!

If you still need some last-minute gift ideas for mom, here are my favorite picks from this week.

1. Make mom a bouquet of handpainted flowers cards.

2. Top mom’s breakfast with an adorable mini garland.

3. Wrap mom’s gift in handmade letter wrapping.

4. Top a cake for mom with a printable floral cake topper.

I’m also loving:

These DIY fruit notebooks would make cute end of the school year teacher gifts.

These no-sew floral chargers.

This geometric filing cabinet makeover.

These leggings. Who would have thought leggings would be the next canvas for artists and designers?

This floral maxi dress. I’m planning on it wearing nearly every day in Hawaii.

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you when we’re back in the sunshine state!


Sarah Hearts Orlando: Palmers Garden and Goods

May 7, 2015

Looking for the perfect plant for your home? Palmer's Garden and  Goods is a great nursery to visit in Orlando, Florida.

Though it may seem like my favorite thing to do in Orlando is eat, I do have some other favorite spots around town that don’t involve food. Today I’m sharing one of my favorite places to find some pretty greenery. Palmer’s Garden & Goods is a garden shop located in the heart of Orlando’s Audubon Park neighborhood. And it really is a neighborhood gem! This shop is smaller than some other nursery in town but it’s loaded with trays and trays of beautiful flowering, green plants.

Palmer's Garden and Gifts has a great mix of both indoor and plants and unique containers.

The small space is packed with lots of indoor and outdoor plants. They also have a big selection of garden containers in just about every size you can think of. And yes, they have gorgeous fiddle leaf figs too!

Add a pop of color to your garden beds with some pretty plants from Palmer's, a great garden center and gift shop, in Orlando, Florida.

Find pretty hanging baskets and plants for your porch at Palmer's Garden and Goods in Orlando, Florida.


Check out the Audubon Park area of Orlando for unique shops like Palmer's Garden and Goods.

Palmers Garden and Goods in Orlando has  a great selection of indoor and outdoor plants.

Stock up on organic seeds for your garden at Palmer's Garden and Gifts.

In the center of the shop they have a big selection of organic seeds and other gardening supplies like soil and fertilizer. Towards the front of the store they have a little shop that is the perfect place to find a unique gift for your friend with a green thumb.

Palmer's Garden and Goods has a great selection of tiny plants perfect for adorning your desk.

Looking for the perfect gift for your friend with a green thumb? Check out Palmer's Garden and Goods in Orlando for unique gifts.

Photography by Amalie Orrange Photography

Visiting Orlando soon? Check out some of my other favorite places around town on my Orlando page. And if you’re local to Orlando, please comment below and share where you think I should visit next! I’m always looking to learn about new gems in the city beautiful.

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DIY Mid Century Dog Bowl Stand

May 6, 2015

Love mid century furniture? Create this raised dog bowl stand for your mid century loving pup! (Click through for tutorial)

Our newest rescue pup, Daisy, devouers her food. I thought our last dog ate fast but Daisy eats ever faster! We started feeding her half of her meals in a wobbler toy and the other half in a slow feeder bowl. Both have been very effective but we’ve no longer had a need for both sides of the old dog bowl stand since it holds both a food bowl and a water bowl. My solution was to make a smaller raised stand for just her water bowl. The new one saves space and has mid-century looks. Win, win, right? Both Daisy and I think so!

Time: 1 hour + drying
Supplies: 12″ round wood board / 3 – 8″ tapered table legs / 3 – angled table leg plates / wood stain / polyurethane / foam brushes / fine sandpaper / metal pet bowl
Tools: jigsaw / drill

Step 1: Use a jigsaw to cut a hole in the center of the wood board. I measured the diameter of the pet bowl and subtracted the width of the rim, which was about 1″ total, to get the diameter of the circle I needed to cut. Don’t worry about cutting a perfectly round circle. The bowl will completely cover the cut edge. Check out this tutorial by my friend, Carrie Waller, for finding the center of a circle and cutting it out with a jigsaw.

Don't have a work bench? Use quick grips to secure the piece of wood you're cutting to a sturdy table.

Step 2: Lightly sand the cut edges to remove any splintered pieces. Then place it right side up and position the metal brackets so they are equal distance apart. I didn’t measure this, I simply eyed it. Remember in geometry class, any 3 points lie on exactly one plane?

If you’re using a large bowl, like I am, it is likely that the brackets will be wider than the wood frame. That’s ok, since the bowl is slightly tapered it still fits in perfectly and only 2 screws on each bracket give it enough support. Mark the inside of each hole with a pencil.

Table leg plates make it so easy to add stylish mid-century looking tapered table legs to any surface.

Step 3: Remove brackets and drill pilot holes for each plate. I like to place a small piece of painter’s tape on the drill bit so I know exactly how far to drill and don’t accidentally drill all the way through the board. Attach the metal plates then screw in each table leg.

Don't sacrifice style when you have a pet! Make them their own mid-century modern looking raised pet bowl.

Step 4 (optional): Use wood stain in any color you like to stain the entire feeder. Allow it to dry overnight.

Step 5: Apply 1 coat of polyurethane with a foam brush. Allow it to dry for 2-4 hours then lightly sand it and apply a second coat. Since I’m going to be using this to hold Daisy’s water bowl, I applied a total of 4 coats and sanded between each coat. Once you’re done, allow it to dry for a few days before using it.

How cute is this mid century raised dog bowl stand! Love the mid century angled legs on this DIY pet bowl stand.

Just because you have a pet doesn't mean their supplies can't be stylish too! Create a DIY mid century stand for your dogs bowl.

Love this DIY raised dog bowl stand. So simple to make and looks so much better than regular bowls.

Love mid-century decor? Check out my other mid-century modern projects. And wondering what Plated is (on the cardboard in the photo on step 4)? It’s a food delivery service with delicious recipes. We’ve been ordering a couple meals every week from them and they’ve been so good!