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We’re heading to London!

August 11, 2015

Pack your bags and head to London! Share your favorite spots to eat, see and do here!

This afternoon we’re heading to the UK! We’ll be in London (and nearby areas) for the next two weeks! It will be my first time over there (and Kevin’s second) so if you’ve visited or lived there before please let us know what we should eat/see/do!

We’ll be attending Summer in the City the first half of our trip and then visiting some dear friends in Leicester the second half. So any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

On my to do list? Visit the Tate Modern and of course Boden, Orla Kiely and Liberty! Maybe I need to pack an extra suitcase!

Pack your bags and head to London! Share your favorite spots to eat, see and do here!

Images via Boden’s Instagram

DIY Polka Dot Bathrobe

August 10, 2015

Refresh your shower routine with a DIY polka dot bathrobe and @method Foaming Body Wash! #showerstyle #stylebymethod

Nothing feels quite as nice and refreshing as taking a warm shower after a long day.

It’s one of my favorite routines and almost always brings up my spirits. I believe that everyday should be special and filled with joy, so I decided to make my daily shower routine a little extra special and created a custom polka dot printed bathrobe. Nothing quite makes me smile like a cute polka dot pattern! And this bathrobe is extra comfy (and extra cute!) and the perfect thing to put on after I shower.

I also refreshed my in-shower routine with method‘s new foaming body wash. It’s a delicious scented body wash that instantly foams and lathers up oh-so nicely. My go-to scent is the ruby orange but I’m also loving the crisp cucumber melon and the wonderfully floral water flower. You can get your hands on the new foaming body wash next time you’re shopping at Target—it’s available there exclusively through October. I used the fresh scents as color inspiration for my bathrobe because they are just so bright and cheery. It’s funny how such little changes in your daily routine can totally transform your morning.

Create a colorful polka dot bathrobe and refresh your shower routine.

Supplies: cotton bathrobe / round sponge stamp / fabric paint

Time: 1 hour + drying time

Step 1: Wash and dry the bathrobe according to the directions on the label (make sure to not sure any fabric softener as this can affect the way the paint adheres to the fabric). Once dry, press the bathrobe with a warm iron to remove the wrinkles.

Step 2: Place scrap paper under the bathrobe so the paint doesn’t bleed on your table. Working with one paint color at a time, dip the sponge in the paint and press it onto the fabric. Once the sponge is on the fabric, rotate it ever so slightly to ensure it fully makes a mark. Repeat this all over the bathrobe, moving the paper as you go.

If you’re as impatient as I am, you can speed up the process by drying the paint with a hair dryer.

Loving the pop of color added to this bathrobe! Click through for tutorial.

Step 3: Wash and dry the foam pouncer and repeat with the other colors.

I mixed equal parts bright avocado and indian turquoise to create the green cucumber mint color. I just love how minty fresh it looks!

Create a cozy custom bathrobe by adding polka dots! Click through for tutorial.


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Links to Love

August 7, 2015

Savor the last bits of summer and get ready for back to school with one of these fun and easy DIY projects! Click through for links to each one.

Hello weekend!

Here are some fun DIYs (and recipes) to try to help you savor the last bits of summer and get ready to head back to school.

1. If I were heading back to school, I’d want one of these personalized notebooks.

2. Boozy mint peach sweet tea pops. Yes, please!

3. I think all flats need to be adored with pineapple shoe clips.

4. These dip dye totes would be perfect for a grocery haul or trip to the beach.

I’m also loving:

This embroidery wall art workshop in San Francisco.

This at-home gel mani.

These fresh floral napkin rings.

These boots make my achy feet oh-so-happy.

Hip hip hooray!

DIY Watermelon Beach Ball

August 6, 2015

Transform a regular beach ball into a cute watermelon in just a couple minutes! Click through for the video tutorial.

This summer I’ve been completely watermelon crazy (if you need a reminder, check here, here and here). So what’s the next logical step to my melon craziness? Creating a watermelon beach ball of course!

If you’re savoring the last bits of summer take all but 5 minutes to create this adorable pool accessory. Trust me, your pool with thank you for it! Watch the video below to learn how to create your own watermelon beach ball.

Supplies: beach ball / black adhesive vinyl / green adhesive vinyl / scissors
Time: 5 minutes

Turn a beach ball into a watermelon! Click through for the easy-to-follow video tutorial.

Transform a regular beach ball into a cute watermelon in just a couple minutes! Click through for the video tutorial.

Photos by Bright Frame Films

Find more fun summer DIYs over on my YouTube channel!