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Silver, Mint and Orange Color Palette

July 15, 2014

Who said pastels have to be boring? Pair them with bright tangerine for an unexpected pop of color!

Who said pastel’s have to be boring? This lovely painting is the perfect example. It pairs soft silver and mint colors with bold oranges, golden yellows and saturated pinks. This would be the perfect palette for a springtime wedding or a summer shower, don’t you think?

Painting by Britt Bass. Print available on Scout Mob.

Rustic Wood Wedding Invitations

July 14, 2014

These rustic wedding invitations were printed on birch veneer and were wrapped with baker's twine and included these cute little flags.

My brother is getting married next month and I had the honor of designing his wedding stationery. His fiancé is also named Sarah (with an h!) and yes, it does get a bit confusing and yes, she’ll be taking my maiden name! They are having a simple wedding on a gorgeous farm outside of Atlanta and wanted invitations that would convey the rustic, laid back theme of their wedding.

A simple, rustic wedding invitation suite. Perfect for a barn or outdoor wedding celebration.

The wedding invitations were printed on birch wood veneer by Night Owl Paper Goods in Birmingham. It really makes their invitations stand out! I just love the wording the chose on them too. Down to the “barbecue, beer, and happily ever afters to follow.”

These birch wood invitations would be perfect for an outdoor, rustic wedding.

Sarah, my future sister-in-law, wanted to add little flags to each invitations. And they are favorite part of the stationery! The front side has their wedding date and the back has their monogram printed on them. I just think it’s such a fun touch!

Include a simple map with key locations, like the ceremony and reception venues and even include some fun destinations like your home!

Since most guests will be flying into Atlanta, they included a little map that shows where the wedding venue is in relation to downtown and the airport. They also wanted to add their new apartment to the map with a coffee cup icon since they both love coffee so much.

RSVP cards don't have to be formal and stuffy. Loving the wording on this one!

Keeping with the theme of the invitation, the wording on the RSVP cards are also cute and a bit casual. They opted to also add an email address for quick responses.

Kraft paper envelopes with simple address label wraps.

Loving the little flag that has the wedding date on it!

Links to Love

July 11, 2014

A little paint goes a long way! Check out these simple transformations that were all made with a couple coats of bright colored paint.

Some of my favorite links from this week have a similar theme: bright paint. A little paint goes a long way and these simple DIYs are all proof! All you need in a a pretty palette and you have an instant transformation.

1. This bright coral desk update by Oleander & Palm is just so great. And it was done with spray paint too!

2. These coral and magenta painted bamboo steamers by You Are My Fave are perfect for storing sweets. They also match perfectly with my printable party invitation and paint dipped vases.

3. The Sweet Escape gave these plastic patio planters an update with some spray paint. I just love the metallic gold triangles.

I’m also loving:

These pom pom trimmed placemats over on Sugar & Cloth.

These ombre cement candle holders by Homey Oh My! that use the Oh Joy! ice cube trays as molds.

Sarah Yates backyard makeover on Front & Main is making this Florida girl jealous of Palm Springs.

Little Scarlett Everly was born this week and she’s just the cutest. Congrats Lexi!

DIY Paint Dipped Vases

July 10, 2014

Learn how to create paint dipped looking vases without actually painting them! Click through for full tutorial.

On Monday you got a peek at some cute paint dipped vases I made for our fun summer party shoot. They were so easy to make and the best part is that the paint dipping didn’t damage the vases! What’s better than party decor that you can use again and again, right? So today I wanted to show you exactly how I made the paint dipped, color blocked vases.

The trick is that the white color blocked layer is actually white balloons cut and stretched over the bottom of the jars. I just love the way it looks like thick, opaque paint without the huge mess and long drying time of actually dipping them in paint. This technique would be great as-is and I think it would look stunning with metallic gold balloons. I wanted to add a second color to the vases to bring in the magenta and sherbet orange from the printable invitation I made.


- glass jars or vases that are 3″ in diameter or smaller (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)
- white balloons
- craft paint, in any colors you like
- painter’s tape
- scissors
- small, flat paint brush

Learn how to transform basic jars into paint dipped looking vases using balloons and paint. You can easily remove the balloons and replace them with different colored ones for your next party.

1. Gather your supplies. If you are recycling old jars, make sure they are clean.

2. Cut the end off one balloon, about 1/2″ below the tail part.

3. Carefully stretch the larger part of the balloon you just cut over the bottom of one jar/vase. Smooth out any wrinkles. If you don’t want two-tone vases, you can skip the remaining steps.

4. Apply a strip of painter’s tape all the way around the bottom part of the balloon making sure the bottom edge is smooth and adhered to the jar.

5. Painting away from the bottom edge of the tape, paint a thin coat of paint. Allow it to dry completely (this should only take 5-10 minutes) and add a second coat. For very transparent colors you may need to add a third coat.

6. Once the final coat of paint is dry carefully remove the painter’s tape. Then fill your paint dipped jars with some pretty fresh flowers!

These DIY vases look paint dipped but they're not! Learn how to use balloons to create a similar look without the mess.

Be sure to check out Melinda’s, Carmen’s, and Melissa’s blogs for more lovely details from our summer shoot.

Get inspired to host a fun summer party with this pink and orange party styled shoot. Click through for DIY vase tutorial.

Lilac, Plum and Soft Mint Color Palette

July 9, 2014

Rethink purple with this lilac, ocean mist, and plum color palette.

It’s true, if I had to choose, purple would be my least favorite color. Nothing personal, but I tend to prefer warm hues. But this color palette of lilac and plum has me rethinking my love of purple. Pair it with a very pale mint, like an ocean mist, and I’d say purple is pretty ok.

Painting by Ammiki. Print available in her shop.