DIY Painted Horseshoes

All you need is some paint to create these gorgeous gilded, colorbocked horseshoes. (Click through to see video tutorial)

This is one of those DIYs that I’ve had in my head for awhile but finally got around to making it. As you may already know, I’m a horse lover and I’m always looking for equestrian inspired items whether it be something to wear (like this dress) or something for the home. So while stocking up on some things at the feed store the other day, I also picked up a few iron horseshoes.

This project started by simply adding color to the unpainted iron horseshoes but I just didn’t love the results. The paint was streaky and looked a little too generic for my taste. That’s when the liquid gilding paint came it and instantly made me fall head over hoof for this one. You can package these up to give to your Valentine, horse loving bestie, or anyone that could use a little luck. They make pretty desktop paper weights and are equally stunning when hung on a wall.

Watch the video below to see how to make them!

DIY Colorblocked Painted Horseshoes


iron horseshoes / liquid gilding paint / craft paint / foam brush / flat paint brush / washi tape

All you need is some paint to create these gorgeous gilded, colorbocked horseshoes. (Click through to see video tutorial)


  1. Use a foam brush to apply an even coat of liquid gilding paint all over the front and edges of a new horseshoe. Since the gilding paint is oil based, I prefer using a disposable foam brush to do this so you don’t have to mess with paint thinner. Allow it to dry completely, about 1 hour.
  2. Tear off a small piece of washi tape and wrap it around the horseshoe, about an inch of the end. Do this to the other side and the middle section.
  3. Use a flat paint brush to paint a coat of white craft paint on the middle and left and right ends of the horseshoe. Be sure to paint away from the edges of the tape to prevent the paint from bleeding underneath. Allow that to dry, then paint 2-3 coats of whatever color you would like. When you are done, carefully remove the tape and allow the horseshoe to dry completely. Then grabs some nails and hang it on your wall!


You can also use old, previously used horseshoes for this. I recommend using sandpaper or steel wool to remove any rust that might be on them and help smooth the surface.

All you need is some paint to create these gorgeous gilded, colorbocked horseshoes. (Click through to see video tutorial)

Love all things horses? Don’t miss my equestrian gift guide and my removable horse wallpaper. And if you own a horse, be sure to check out my easy homemade treat recipe.

Reader Survey Results

These are Sarah Hearts' readers favorite things!

Today I’m sharing some of the results of last week’s reader survey!

First I want to say a huge thanks to everyone that took the time to complete it! Your feedback is so valuable to me and will honestly help me create more Sarah Hearts content that you love. So let’s get to it!

You guys love DIY projects!

This may come to no surprise to you, since so many of you said your favorite type of post on Sarah Hearts are DIY ones, but what was a big surprise to me is that the runner up was my wallpapers. I’ve honestly thought about phasing them out but don’t worry, they are here to stay!

If you have something you’d love to see on a future wallpaper download, please leave a comment on this post. Your idea might just appear as a cute little illustration this year!

Love food? Here are Sarah Hearts readers favorite types of recipes.

This one also surprised me! Food has always been a part of Sarah Hearts and I plan on including more easy to make, delicious recipes this year. And the winner of the most requested food category? Party food! Which was closely followed by dinner and dessert.

Target is my fave by @sarahhearts

Target is your fave.

You guys love Target and oh, so do I. It was overwhelmingly everyone’s go to place for all things home decor, and for good reason. I mean just take a look at the new OhJoy! collection. #targetdoesitagain, am I right?

Etsy is my favorite shop by @sarahhearts

You love buying handmade.

Sometimes you can’t always DIY. So what’s the second best place to shop for all things handmade? Etsy! This was definitely a winner for so many of you.

English or western? Which is your favorite rising style?

Thanks to all of you that took the time to submit your questions! I’ll be answering more of them in further details in the coming months but I wanted to answer just a couple of them now.

Western or English?

It seemed like quite a few horse-lovers and equestrians complete the survey because I got several questions about #justinthehorse. I’ll be sharing more about my favorite gelding in the future but to answer the question, it’s both!

Over the past year and half I’ve been riding western dressage and it’s just so much fun. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s like riding dressage (which is what I rode in college at FSU) but in a western saddle. It kinda happened upon it by accident, after still experiencing crazy foot pain, even while riding. Several friends suggested I try riding western as it might alleviate some of my pain. I gave it a try and then after watching a local western dressage show, I knew I had to give it a try. And now I’m hooked!

Learn what blogger Sarah Hearts' favorite room in her house is and more on her reader survey results.

My favorite room in the house…

Is definitely my new home office. It combines some of my favorite things: horses (on the wallpaper), bright color, and tons of organization. In our previous home in Orlando, it was definitely the den, which was the room in the house with the best light. My favorite thing to do was read a book or magazine on my iPad while sipping coffee in the afternoon light.

Learn what software blogger Sarah Hearts uses to create her printables, wallpapers and blog posts.

I plan to expand more on this one and share more behind the scenes about creating and building a blog but here’s a brief list of the programs I use to create!

Adobe Illustrator

I feel in love with Illustrator in college, when I was learning both it and Photoshop. At the time, Photoshop was confusing and not very intuitive to me but I instantly took to Illustrator. I always was drawn to vector looking art and loved the limitless possibilities that it created. I use Illustrator to create my wallpaper downloads. I also use it for 95% of my printable downloads too.

Adobe Photoshop

I just this primary to create product roundups (like my gift guides). I also use it as the last step in my photo editing workflow. I run a script that uses Rad Lab as the “icing” on my photos. I then crop them in Photoshop and save them for the blog and all other platforms.

Adobe Lightroom

This is my first step in photo editing. I import my RAW photos directly into Lightroom and then make all my adjustments.

Final Cut Pro X

This is my go to program for editing videos. I know many pro editors prefer other apps, but as one who originally learned to edit on iMovie, I found it very user friendly. The newest version also has some great features (like copy + pasting color, location, volume and more) from one clip to another.


I could not work without it! I have it open on my computer all day and constantly take notes and reference it. It’s search capability makes it a breeze to find something and I love the ability to tag notes to keep things organized.

Thanks again for taking the time to take my survey! I cannot wait to share new content with you guys!

P.S. If you don’t already like the Sarah Hearts Facebook page, you definitely should! That’s where I share really fun videos of easy to make DIYs and recipes.

Red Velvet White Russian Cocktail

Red velvet lovers are going to adore this deliciously sweet cocktail! (Click through for a video tutorial and the recipe)

Let’s kick off the week with a cocktail, shall we? I mean, what better way than to tackle a Monday than with a new cocktail recipe.

This one is so simple and so delicious, you may want to make it before it’s the weekend. This twist on a traditional white Russian swaps coffee liqueur for dark chocolate making it the perfect dessert cocktail. And the red color makes it oh-so-perfect to serve for Valentine’s Day.

What are you waiting for? Check out the video below to see how to make it!


Red Velvet White Russian

1 serving


1 oz vodka
1 oz dark chocolate liqueur
1 oz heavy cream
1/4 tsp red food coloring


Cocktail shaker
Old fashioned glass
(Cute black and white grid plate, optional)

Red velvet lovers are going to adore this deliciously sweet cocktail! (Click through for a video tutorial and the recipe)

  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour vodka, dark chocolate liqueur, and heavy cream in the shaker. Top with the red food coloring.
  2. Put the lid on and shake it for about 30 seconds. Fill an old fashioned glass with ice (I like using large ice cubes) and pour the mixture over the ice filled glass. Cheers!

Red velvet lovers are going to adore this deliciously sweet cocktail! (Click through for a video tutorial and the recipe)

Red velvet lovers are going to adore this deliciously sweet cocktail! (Click through for a video tutorial and the recipe)

Check out my other cocktail recipes and tons of more heart day inspiration on my Valentine’s Day page.

Links to Love

Create something beautiful for your home! Try one of these DIY projects this weekend. (Click through for links to each project)

Hello weekend!

This weekend I’m going to put the DIYs aside and explore our neighborhood a bit more while my brother and sister-in-law are in town. Whenever we’re together we usually eat a lot. And I’m totally ok with that!

If you’re looking for a fun home decor project to do this weekend, here are some of my favorites from this week.

DIYs to try…

  1. A DIY sawhorse desk that would also make a pretty dining room table.
  2. Chocolate place cards (yes, you read that right!) for your next party.
  3. You can’t beat fresh flowers in a DIY patterned vase.
  4. Brass handled marble tray is perfect for entertaining.

I’m also loving…

Anthropologie’s winter sale (you can now get an additional 40%)!
This printable weekly to do list.
This leather jewelry organizer is so simple and chic.
My girl Chelsea is hiring!


Have you taken my reader survey yet?

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Pets

Let your favorite dog or cat know just how much you love them this Valentine's Day by giving them one of these adorable gifts!

If you’re a crazy pet owner, like I am, then you’re probably going to get your favorite furry friend a little something for Valentine’s Day. Though I don’t really need a reason to buy something with hearts on it, this is perfect excuse! Here are some of my favorite items to give your pup or kitten on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Custom pet cookie cutter, available in tons of breeds and even a horse too!
  2. Stuffed heart dog toy
  3. Heart bowtie collar for cats or kittens
  4. Pink heart dog collar
  5. Monogram wood pet ID tag
  6. Pink cotton ombre rope dog leash
  7. Heart cookie catnip toys
  8. Heart shaped pet bowl

Find more gift ideas and pet inspired projects on my pet page.