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DIY Colorful Pine Cone Fall Wreath

The days are getting shorter, the heat wave is (hopefully) behind us, and pumpkin spice lattes are back. It must be fall!

I’ll be the first to admit that I prefer decorating for fall way more than Halloween, especially when traditional fall colors can be swapped out for brighter hues. Because even though fall is approaching, it’s still all sunshine here in California. Today I’m excited to share my first fall themed DIY of the season—a colorful paint dipped pinecone wreath. And this one is so easy to make that you might just want to make more than one.

Head over to Fun365, the new all-things-DIY site by Oriental Trading, to check out my video tutorial and step-by-step instructions!

Links to Love

As we head into the weekend I can’t but feel concerned for my family and friends in Florida. Sending prayers and good vibes to all of you too in the path of the storm.

Happy Friday

If you are looking for a fun project to make this weekend, here are my 4 favorite links from friends that were shared this week. May I suggest starting with #2 and making all of them? 😉

This week I’m loving…

  1. Colorful pin boards to dress up your workspace.
  2. Yes way, frosé!
  3. Patterned notebooks make work and school more fun.
  4. Let’s pom pom all the things.


A favorite fall dessert in a smoothie bowl.
Obsessed with Kelly and Jeff’s color palette for their new home.
You can make your own bath bombs (and store them in a pretty jar).
One of my favorite Ikea hacks ever.
My cocktail in popsicle form.

DIY Colorful Collage Wall Art

My brother and I were the only kids in our pre-school class that knew how to use scissors. And my mom was very proud of that fact.

It’s true, I’ve been making things since I was a kid and I’m so thankful for parents who also fostered my creativity. Years later, after I “graduated” to big kid scissors I received a pair of hand-me-down scissors from my dad. The scissors I received were the now oh-so-iconic Fiskars Orange-handled Scissors that are at home in artist studios, offices, kitchen drawers and even the Museum of Modern Art. My pair were my dad’s old work scissors from 1987—a year after I was born.

My dad is a printing expert and these plastic-handled scissors, which he engraved his name into the blade, were the scissors he used daily to cut pre-press printing film. Back in the day before things were digital, each image was transferred onto the printing plates via film transparencies, one layer for each color of ink. Layered together these plates would make up a preview of the soon to be printed images, books, and magazines.

I used these scissors all throughout high school and they got me through all my art courses in college. I’ve used them to clip coupons, make artwork, and cut gift wrap. They’ve cut herbs in my garden and opened many boxes. Now I keep this 30 year old pair of scissors in my home studio where they still get used on an almost daily basis.

50th anniversary

While my pair of scissors turned 30 this year, did you know that October 5th is the 50th anniversary of these iconic shears? These scissors were actually the first plastic-handled scissors to be made. In honor of the anniversary, I used my new pair to create three colorful collages. They are inspired my first pair of Orange-handled Scissors and their printing industry roots. I cut out and layered colorful sheets of vellum to mimic the way cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink are combined to make full color printed images.

DIY Colorful Collage Wall Art


Orange-handled Scissors
12″ x 12″ smooth, primed artist panels
Assorted colored vellum
Permanent spray adhesive
Squeegee (a credit card can also be used)
Scrap paper


  1. Use scissors to cut out the colored vellum sheets in various shapes.
  2. Arrange your design on the board to get an idea of your intended layout. Then one at a time, spray the back of each shape and place on the board. Use a squeegee or a credit card to smooth out any bubbles. Continue layering shapes on at a time until your design is complete.

Free Phone Wallpapers

I just adored these collages so much I decided to make them into iPhone wallpapers. And you can enjoy them too by downloading your favorite design below.

Download the petal stack wallpaper

Download the dot wallpaper

Download the flower wallpaper

Do you have a pair of Orange-handled Scissors? If so, what do you use yours for and what have you created with them over the years?








How to Help Houston


In place of the typical weekly link roundup, I’ve decided to share resources on how you can help those affected by hurricane Harvey. Growing up in Miami hurricane season always kept everyone on edge and although (thankfully) I haven’t personally experienced flooding like many are in Texas, my heart goes out to those affected. So many people lost their homes and are currently displaced. I encourage you to please help in any small (or big) way you can.

I also created the graphic above for your own use. Feel free to share it on social media or print it out to help spread a message of hope. You can download it below:

Texas heart with a white backgroundTexas heart with a yellow background

Ways to help

  1. Sponsor a family in need or request assistance (for yourself or someone you know) on Sugar & Cloth.
  2. Greater Houston Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund
  3. YouCaring Fundraiser with proceeds directly benefitting the city + victim relief
  4. Donate to the Houston Food Bank
  5. Donate to the Houston United Way



September 2017 Calendar Wallpaper

to the moon and never back

With all the talk about the eclipse last month and the shorter days ahead, I thought it would be fun to create a moon phase wallpaper. It features all the phases of the moon that you probably learned in middle school but totally forgot about. And that’s ok, all you need to know is that you can add this terrazzo-like scene to all your devices. Links below!


Desktop | Desktop with calendar | Desktop with quote
Laptop | Laptop with calendar | Laptop with quote
iPhone | iPhone with calendar | iPhone with quote | iPhone home screen
iPad | iPad with calendar | iPad with quote | iPad home screen
Apple Watch

Design and illustration by Sarah Khandjian | downloads for personal consumer use only


If you’re having major wanderlust, check out some of the other whimsical wallpapers I’ve created.