Favorite iPhone 7 Plus Cases

If you upgraded to an iPhone 7 Plus check out these adorable cases.

I’m pretty sure I’ll forever be an Apple fan girl. And the fact that I preordered the iPhone 7 Plus on the first day confirms that. After having an iPhone 6 for the past two years and taking thousands of photos on my phone, I decided it was time to upgrade to a Plus. I’m already loving the new camera lenses!

Whenever there’s a new phone launch, it takes the case manufacturers a couple months to catch up and release new designs. In the meantime, if you’re like me and tend to drop your phone or just want to protect it from dust or scratches, here are some of my favorite cases for all you other early adopters out there.

  1. Sonix Cora
  2. Kate Spade Larabee Black Dot
  3. Elemental Gold Glam
  4. Suite7Seven Sprinkle Donut
  5. Sonix Get It
  6. Sonix Sushi
  7. Sonix Magnolia
  8. Sonix x Urban Outfitters Jungle
  9. Speck Pink Presidio

And this little gadget is a must for any 7 Plus owner!

Links to Love

The colorful glass walkway at the Miami International Airport rental car center is a must see!

I’m traveling again!

Things have been a bit quieter than usual around here and that’s because last week I took a last minute trip to Miami to help out my parents. I was home for a day and then today I’m turning around and jumping on a flight again. This time I’m heading to Carmel, California for the Michael’s Makers Summit. You can follow my adventure on my Instagram story and I’ll be back on the blog next week with some fun new content! In the meantime, here are some of my favorite links from the past week!

Finally a colorful capsule wardrobe!

Pretty painted branches.

How a few great accessories can really change a tiny space.

The best housewarming party I’ve ever attended.

Because a plain matchbox would be just too boring.

DIY No-Sew Wire Headband

Bad hair days begone with this adorable DIY wire headband! No sewing is required so you can quickly make one in all your favorite fabrics.

Happy Wednesday! Today I’m sharing how to make your own wire headband without having to sew a stitch. This DIY is inspired by messy hair days and all those times that you just don’t want to do your hair (or wash it, which, though I am embarrassed to admit it, is usually the case for me). Since going back to short hair a couple years ago, and giving up the ability to just put my hair in a messy bun, headbands have become one of my favorite hair accessories.

Love this DIY no-sew wire headband made with Rifle Paper Co. X Cotton & Steel fabric!

This project makes good use of those random scraps of fabric you may have stuffed in a basket. And if you don’t sew and don’t have extra fabric laying around, this is an excuse to buy a yard of a pretty print and make headbands for you and your bestie. I picked up this gorgeous Rifle Paper Co. fabric at my local fabric shop and made a dress with in (which I’ll be sharing soon) and ended up with these long random scraps that I just couldn’t bring my selfing to tossing.

Want to make your own no-sew wire headband? Watch the video below to see just how easy they are to make!


Twist or knot it! This easy to make wire headband doesn't require sewing.

DIY No-Sew Wire Headband


6″ x 32″ piece of fabric (I used a scrap of Rifle Paper Co. rayon fabric)
scraps of fabric, any kind
36″ piece of 18 gauge wire
wire cutters
fabric glue


  1. Fold the 6″ x 32″ piece of fabric in half lengthwise. Use scissors to trim both ends at an angle, making sure to cut through both layers of fabric each time.
  2. Open the folded fabric and fold the entire edge in about ½”. Pin into place* and then press with an iron.
  3. Remove pins and fold the fabric in half lengthwise. Use fabric glue to glue the edges together, aligning the ironed edges as you go. Be sure to leave of the short ends open to insert the wire.
  4. While the glue dries, cut a piece of 18 gauge wire that’s approximately 36″ long. Create a loop at each end, about 2″ down and wrap the short end of the wire around the longer piece. Repeat this with the other side.
  5. Use scrap of fabric to create padding for the headband by wrapping them around the wire and gluing the ends secure.
  6. Insert the fabric wrapped wire into the open end of the headband. Glue the short end closed, lining up the edges. Allow the glue to dry completely and your new headband is ready to be worn.

Need a last minute gift? Make a no-sew wire headband for all your besties!

*A Note About Pins

Whenever I’m sewing I use glass head pins rather than plastic head pins. That way when you iron you can iron right over them without having to remove them or worry about them melting. If you are using straight pins with plastic heads, be sure to remove them before pressing the fabric.

Use up scraps of your favorite fabrics to create this easy no-sew wire headband. (Click through for video tutorial)

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Links to Love

Try one of these fun DIY home projects this weekend!

Happy Long Weekend!

It’s almost the long weekend. Hooray! I’m heading down to Miami this week to spend sometime with my family. So I’ll be squeeing in a little work and a little time at the ranch before traveling this weekend. If you’re looking for a fun weekend project, here are 4 that I just adore!

  1. Renter-friendly patio string lights. This is going to be my next home project!
  2. Make a otomi wall with adhesive vinyl.
  3. You know you need your own message board.
  4. Making a color blocked wall clock is way easier than you think.

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September 2016 Back to School Calendar Wallpaper

Get ready for back to school with this cute free supply wallpaper! Available for phones, tablets and computers.

It’s almost September and that means it’s time for a new wallpaper. This month’s design features illustrated school supplies since back to school season is now in full swing. If you’re like me and not actually going back to school but are a big fan of stationery and office supplies you’ll find this wallpaper fitting.
Get ready for back to school with this free September 2016 calendar wallpaper! Available for phones, tablets and computers.


Computer | Computer with calendar | Computer with quote
Retina computer | Retina computer with calendar | Retina computer with quote
iPhone | iPhone with calendar | iPhone with quote | iPhone home screen
iPad | iPad with calendar | iPad with quote | iPad home screen
Apple Watch

Get ready for back to school with this free September 2016 calendar wallpaper! Available for phones, tablets and computers. Get ready for back to school with this cute free supply wallpaper! Available for phones, tablets and computers.

Design and illustration by Sarah Khandjian

Want more free wallpapers? Check out every one I’ve created over the years over on the wallpaper page. And if you just adore the school supply illustrations, you can purchase the vector and hi-resolution files here for use in your own designs!