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LED Mason Jar Lights

August 26, 2014

This groom constructed a chandelier out of Ball mason jars. Each jar was controlled as a separate pixel, changed colors and lit up in rhythm to the song of their first dance. So cool!

Last weekend my favorite brother (ok, yes, he’s my only sibling) got married. It was hands down my favorite wedding I’ve attended, other than mine of course. The evening was beautiful, simple, laid-back and so much fun, just like my talented brother, Nick, and his equally talented wife, Sarah.

My brother is a video engineer and all-around an I-can-engineer-anything guy (he spent the last year on tour with this lady) so as soon as he and Sarah started planning their rustic barn wedding he knew he wanted to add his own touch to their big day. His idea was to construct a large chandelier using LED lights and mason jars. So be got together with his groomsmen, who are pro lighting, video, and set designers to building this gorgeous spiral chandelier. The perfect blend of rustic and tech, don’t you think?

The large chandelier was lit up in a solid white during the reception, then during their first dance, it changed colors just as the song dropped. It. Was. Stunning. And caught everyone buy surprise, including the bride!

Clusters of frosted LED mason jar lights hung from the ceiling at this rustic barn wedding. So gorgeous and magical!

Love the mix of frosted LED mason jar lights and vintage vases at this rustic wedding.

A LED mason jar light chandelier! Perfect decor for a rustic wedding.

Love how each chair is different in this rustic barn wedding.

Love these DIY frosted mason jars filled with white LED lights. Simple but pretty way to add light to a reception space.

He began by frosting pint and quart size mason jars with a frosted glass spray to make the LED light more ambient and a bit warmer. He used the pint jars in the chandelier and used the larger quart jars scattered around the reception tables.

Thanks so much to Ball for providing all the jars to help make their creative vision possible!

Remembering Darcy Dog

August 25, 2014

Remembering #darcydog, our sweet black and tan coonhound rescue dog.

I normally don’t get very personal here on Sarah Hearts but my heart has been heavy all week as I’ve tried to go back to business as usual but it’s been so hard. So before I get back to my regular posts, I really wanted to share a bit about our sweet pup, Darcy.

Last Saturday, while we were in Atlanta for my brother’s wedding, we got news that Darcy passed away in her sleep. I am so thankful for Kevin and his strength because I know I couldn’t have taken that phone call. We thought Darcy was about 9 or 9 1/2 but really hadn’t thought we would have to think about this for quite some time. She had just had blood work and an annual visit at the vet and passed with flying colors, so needless to say, this completely caught us off guard.

We cried. And cried. And cried.

Remembering #darcydog

We adopted Darcy from a local pet rescue in November of 2011. We had been married for three years and had just gotten back from an anniversary trip to San Fran. While on the flight home we decided it was time for us to finally get a dog. As soon as we got home from the airport, I looked at pet rescues online and quickly found a listing for Darcy. I immediately filled out the application and within a couple of days she was ours. As soon as we brought her home she found a cozy place next to my desk and fell asleep. My home office soon became her favorite room in the house and my desk became her dog house.

Remembering #darcydog

I’ve been blogging full-time, and working from home full-time, for the past two years so Darcy and I had become good pals. She was my sidekick. She was in my office while I worked, in the kitchen while I cooked, and at the barn while I rode my horse.

Remembering #darcydog. She was my sidekick and the perfect companion for someone who works from home.

I know everyone says this about their pet, but she really was the best dog I’ve ever met. You could leave the house with food on the coffee table and she wouldn’t touch it. She never once got on our white couch. She could go anywhere with us without a leash and she never once had an accident in the house. She was a great travel companion and rode all the way with us to Asheville, Maryland and the beach several times.

Remembering #darcydog. She was the best!

Hands down her favorite place was the barn. Oddly enough she never once was phased by the horses. I think she thought of them as really large dogs. Though she did have a few close encounters with the chickens and the cats.

After taking her there a few times, she quickly learned that when I opened my sock drawer and put on a pair of long socks and riding pants, that it meant that we were going to the barn. And this sleepy pup would run circles around me and howl and howl and howl. The barn was her happy place.

Remembering #darcydog. She loved car rides and going to the barn so, so much!

I’m just so, so thankful for the almost three years we spent with this sweet pup. It’s been just so much fun. And as Darcy would say, “Aroooo roooooo.”

DIY Kitchen Update Ideas

August 18, 2014

Here are some stylish ideas on how to give your kitchen a little DIY makeover without a complete remodel.

It’s official. We’re going to update our kitchen.

After getting quotes on a full kitchen remodel we’ve decided to go the budget friendly route and give our 1967 kitchen a few (ok, maybe a lot of) DIY updates. If you’ve checked out our house tour, you may remember that we have a tiny galley kitchen with the original cabinets and dark blue formica countertops. When we first moved in, we immediately updated the fridge and the dishwasher with bright, shinny stainless appliances. But the other side of the kitchen has a very old cooktop and a wall oven. After considering an entire remodel, we decided the biggest feature we wanted was a new double oven because I cook so much and our current oven doesn’t heat consistently or have a self-cleaner…or timer for that matter.

So here’s what will be on our DIY list:
- Swapping the super old wall oven for a slide-in range
- Painting all the original cabinets bright white
- Covering the blue formica with concrete
- Removing the tiled backslash and patching the drywall or adding white subway tile
- Installing a new sink and faucet
- Installing new lighting
- Adding new hardware to the drawers and cabinets
- Painting the ceiling and walls

Whew, I’m already exhausted just after typing that! I foresee lots of take-out and late nights DIYing in the near future.

1. DIY concrete countertops | 2. Westwood residence kitchen | 3. Open shelving created by removing cabinet doors | 4. Moen Arbor pulldown faucet | 5. Kohler Riverby single bowl top mount sink | 6. Samsung Flex Duo slide in range | 7. Gorgeous kitchen update

Links to Love

August 15, 2014

Links to love: perfect decor for your next party! Featuring the Oh Joy! fall collection, printable cookie container labels and DIY paper daises.

Today we’re heading to Atlanta for the weekend for my brother’s wedding. It going to be a fun wedding, with lots of pretty details, so be sure to follow my weekend adventure on Instagram. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite links from this week.

1. The fall OhJoy! collection arrive at Target this Sunday. I’m eyeing that white and gold pitcher.

2. Printable cookie tub labels would be perfect for a quick house warming or feel better soon gift.

3. Can you believe these Gerbera daises are made out of paper?

I’m also loving:

These tips on refinishing kitchen cabinets will come in handy (more about this on Monday).

Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with homemade dough AND homemade ice cream. Yum!

This tutorial on how to arrange a mini succulent garden is so simple and so so cute.

Happy weekend!