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July 24, 2015

Add some color to your life with one of these fun, simple, and colorful DIY projects! Click through for links to each one.

This week I spent sometime recharging by visiting my parents in Miami for a couple days. Next week I head to LA which always seems to recharge my creative side! So that means this weekend will be full of playing catch up on new DIY projects, videos, and recipes.

If you’re looking for something fun to make (or do) this weekend, try one of these colorful projects.

1. Have you checked out my Meet + Make boxes yet? I’m loving Carrie’s version of the geo painted wood panel project.

2. How cute are these wooden bead keychains? They remind me of a much more stylish version of something I would have made in girl scouts.

3. Forget pink highlights, I think I need colombré hair.

4. Turn a mini clipboard into a cute frame with this simple tutorial.

I’m also loving:

This ukulele tutorial (and adorable ukulele).

This geometric painted wood wall organizer.

This asymmetrical sunburst.

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Sarah Hearts Orlando: Florida Cactus Inc Succulent Farm

July 21, 2015

Rows and rows of succulents. My dream!

I adore succulents for two reasons: 1. they come in such an array of interesting shapes and colors and because 2. they are really really hard to kill.

I like to convince myself that I have a green thumb but I tend to, ok almost always, ultimately forget to water my plants and I’m only left with my little herd of succulents throughout the house and around the yard. So when I first heard about Florida Cactus Inc., a succulent only nursery outside of Orlando, I knew I had to check it out!

Blogger Sarah Hearts shares the best place to buy succulents in central Florida. Click through to check out her other favorite spots around Orlando.

Amalie and I went on adventure to Apopka, which is about 35 minutes outside downtown Orlando. We visited the nursery right at noon…in the summer… which I don’t recommend! The nursery is made up of 8 or so green houses full of succulents. Their friendly staff gave us a map which also includes their retail prices.

Echeveria for days! Click through to find out where's the best place to by them in central Florida.

If you love succulents then you have to check out this succulent only nursery in central Florida!

Love this leafy succulent. Click through to find out the best place to by them in Florida!

They have just about every type of succulent you’d ever want in just about every size. They also have ones I’ve never seen before! The smallest starters are in about 2″ pots for a few dollars and the prices increase from there. They are only open on the weekdays, so on your next day off you should definitely plan a trip.

Beautiful yellow, pink and red cacti for days! Find out where to find them in central Florida.

Next time you're in Orlando hop in the car and visit this awesome succulent only nursery.

Plant succulents in colored jars for a low maintenance living centerpiece.

Blogger Sarah Hearts shares the details about this hidden gem in Orlando. A succulent only nursery!

How cute are these cacti?

Photography by Amalie Orrange Photography

Wondering what else is in Orlando besides the mouse? Check out all my #sarahheartsorlando places here! You can also follow my Orlando board which has a map so you can easily find each spot.

jeans | flats | watch | sunglasses | nail color: Marilyn Monroe Spas Owned gel color with Lovely on top

Easy Abstract Painted Throw Pillows

July 20, 2015

You don't need to be an artist to create pretty and unique throw pillows! Click through to watch the easy to follow video tutorial.

I adore color and simple DIY projects so I combined the two to create some pretty painted throw pillows for my pink sofa. This is really one of those projects that anyone can do. Really! You don’t need to be an artist to create great throw pillows. Just layer painted shapes to create an interesting pattern. And if you don’t love your design, you can always let it dry and paint over it too!

The pillow covers and inserts are from Ikea which means each one was only $7. You really can’t beat that! Since so many pillows I see are over $100, these are cheap enough to swap out each season. Or just when you get bored and want to change your room decor every other month like I do!

Time: 30 minutes + drying time
Supplies: solid pillow cover / pillow insert / fabric medium / craft paint / paint brushes / foam pouncers / wax paper or cardboard

Did you know you can turn any craft paint into fabric paint by adding fabric medium? Watch how easy it is to create your own pretty painted pillows in this video tutorial.

Loving these bright painted pillow covers! Such a cute and easy DIY project.

After making the pillow shown in the video I grabbed the smallest foam pouncer and dipped it in the black paint to create the dot patterns. If you don’t already have them, I recommend you pick up a set! I find so many uses for them (like my polka dot wooden tray) and they really are the easiest way to paint small circles.

Check out my other #12MonthsofMartha projects including my watermelon gift boxes. And subscribe to my YouTube channel for more fun, simple projects like this one!

I'm part of the #12MonthsofMartha team! Follow along to see how I use Martha Stewart supplies to make one-of-a-kind DIY projects.

Introducing the Meet and Make Box

July 17, 2015

Ever wanted to attend a Meet and Make? Now you can with Meet and Make boxes! The kits come with everything you need to make your own DIY project. Perfect for hosting a girls night at home or as gifts.

I am so excited to announce that today I’m launching the Meet + Make Box!

When I introduced Meet + Make a few years ago, my goal was to host workshops that were so much fun that helped you make something you didn’t know you could make, something that you were so proud of, that you wanted to display it in your home. My other goal was to connect people in my community with other like-minded people because what’s better than leaving with an awesome project and a new friend.

I’ve been so flattered that each workshop sells out in in just a couple hours—even when we doubled the space to 100 people! Yet after each one I always hear from people that wanted to attended but couldn’t because of scheduling conflicts or because they simply don’t live in Orlando. That planted the idea of the Meet + Make box.

Make your own geometric painted wood panel and buy the first Meet + Make box here!

Everything you need to make a modern wall art piece is including in the Meet and Make box! Click through to learn more about these DIY kits.

Each box comes with everything you need to create a beautiful DIY project at home. When your box arrives you just follow along with the video tutorial, where you’ll get tips and tricks for making a great project. And since I didn’t want to skimp out on the community part, these boxes are an easy way to host your own workshop—in your living room, dorm room, or in your backyard. Just add snacks, friends, and maybe some bubbly and you have the perfect craft night!

Love these geometric wood panels! Buy all the supplies in an adorable box. Click through for details.

The boxes make great gifts! Send your bestie a box so they can create too! Buy your kit here.