Black and White Espresso Russian Bar

December 31, 2010Sarah Khandjian

I am so excited to introduce Jaclyn, a wonderfully talented food blogger that will be sharing delectable recipes with you once a month! Within further adieu, here’s Jaclyn!

Happy New Year! I’m so excited to be the new featured blogger on Sarah Hearts! I’m looking forward to bringing you a monthly dose of deliciousness, whether it be a scrumptious confection, an easy and elegant dinner, or a much-needed cocktail.

Since my first post happens to fall on the eve of 2011, I figured a celebratory libation would be quite fitting. I absolutely love hosting parties, and the last night of the year is no exception. I’ve thrown my fair share of New Year’s Eve fetes, and I’m actually not a fan of toasting the new year with champagne. I know it may seem strange, perhaps even sacrilegious to forgo the bubbly on New Year’s Eve, but champagne tends to make guests sleepy and leaves them with a nasty headache the next morning. A New Year’s Eve party should last much longer than the stroke of midnight, so why not serve your guests something to keep them awake and the party going?

Black and White Russians are quintessential winter drinks, but I find that the traditional drinks are a bit too strong on alcohol, and weak on flavor. By adding lightly sweetened espresso, vanilla vodka, and a few other simple ingredients, these basic cocktails become tempting libations that’ll keep your end of the year celebrations going far into the new year!

I mix up a pitcher each of Black and White Espresso Russians, and serve them simply with dark chocolate-covered hazelnuts. Adding glasses and an ice bucket creates an instant bar where guests can serve themselves.

There you have it! An easy, elegant, and unexpected duo of cocktails that are sure to impress your guests, and will keep them from falling asleep before the ball drops! Happy New Year!

Sweetly, jaclyn

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