DIY Bauble Necklace

March 4, 2013Sarah Khandjian

DIY Bauble Necklace Tutorial by Sarah Hearts

I’m back from my little Asheville getaway. It was full of great meals and even better company. I’m seriously blessed with good friends. Today I wanted to share a simple and cheap way to make your own bauble necklaces. I’m a big fan of fun, chunky beaded necklaces (though I do love dainty ones to, like this rose gold heart necklace the Mr. got me for Valentine’s Day) but I really hate to pay a ton of money for something I’m not going to wear all the time so I decided to DIY it.

DIY Bauble Necklace Tutorial by Sarah Hearts


• Big wooden beads
Craft paint
• Paint brush
• Thin chain or leather (long enough to fit over your head)

1. Paint the wooden beads with a thin coat of paint. Allow them to dry completely (usually around an hour is best) then add another coat. I painted three coats. 2. String the painted wooden beads along your chain or thin leather necklace. If you’re using leather just tie the ends in a knot and you’re ready to wear them!

DIY Bauble Necklace Tutorial by Sarah Hearts

I painted the wooden beads a metallic rose gold, pink, and bright pink so I can swap out the colors/chains easily. I love that I can now have a perfectly coordinating necklace in no time and it only cost a couple dollars to make.


  • Amy

    March 4, 2013 at 10:23 am

    I love these! So easy to make and super cute too!

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