Halloween Fall Centerpiece

October 28, 2010Sarah Khandjian

I’ve been slowly trying to add a subtle fall touch to our home one room at a time. I decided to start with the dining room since that’s where most of our guests like to hang out. A few thrift store finds, candy corn, and spray and you have the above centerpiece! It was inspired by Sherry and John of  Young House Love’s awesome centerpiece.

I picked up the milk glass parfait bowl (not quite sure what you would call this) at the Salvation Army store for $1.50! I filled it up with Clementine tangerines since they are in season and delicious.

Our little owl napkin holder is always on our table. We love it’s kitsch-iness. It was given to my grandmother by her cousin a very long time ago. I always wanted it and last year she said I could have it!

I picked up some shellacked gourds and small pumpkins at the grocery store for $.99 each and spray painted them white. Now they look like little ceramic West Elm inspired finds.

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