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September 18, 2015Sarah Khandjian

If you thought coloring books and watercolors were just for kids the fun DIY projects will make you rethink that! (Click through for links to each easy to make DIY project)

It’s crazy to think we’ve officially been Los Angeles residents for 2 weeks! I’m excited to spend more time at home next month getting settled in but in the meantime I have 4 trips over the next month. This weekend I’m back in Orlando for Blog Fete followed by a quick girls weekend with my mom.

If you’re home this weekend, here are some really fun DIYs to try!

1. I want a dozen of these watercolor dishes.

2. Coloring book fabric? Yes, please!

3. Because coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore—loving these printable coloring bookmarks.

4. Marble all the things, including pumpkins this season!

I’m also loving:

A DIY recipe for dry shampoo for brunettes.

This guide to Georgetown (I might just need to make a detour when we’re in Baltimore next week).

This nightstand makeover makes me want to run to the flea market now.


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