• DIY Simple Catch-All Tray

    July 16, 2018Holly Wade

    Holly of Club Crafted is sharing how to make a colorful catch-all tray in just a few minutes with this easy to do tutorial from the book Hello Color.

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  • How to Organize a Spice Cabinet

    July 11, 2018Sarah Khandjian

    Today I’m sharing a look at my spice cabinet and tips on how I keep this area of the kitchen tidy. Post includes links to my favorite kitchen organization products too so have a look!

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  • DIY Pom Pom Macrame Hanging Planter

    July 9, 2018Holly Wade

    Add a little greenery and color to your home by making your own pom pom adorned hanging planter. You don’t need to be a weaving expert to successful create a planter using this easy macrame technique and you can customize…

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  • July 2018 Watermelon Calendar Wallpaper

    June 27, 2018Sarah Khandjian

    Get ready for summer with this free watermelon wallpaper! Download it for your phone, computer and tablet today.

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  • DIY Silicone Pacifier Clips

    June 20, 2018Sarah Khandjian

    Learn how to make your own pacifier clips in minutes! Stock up on silicone beads and make pacifier clips for your own baby or to give as shower gifts.

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  • Free Printable Modern Father’s Day Cards

    June 8, 2018Sarah Khandjian

    Father’s Day is just around the corner—don’t forget Dad! Print out and give him one of these colorful, modern Father’s Day cards. Four designs are available in this free download!

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  • Pregnancy Update – 38 weeks

    June 6, 2018Sarah Khandjian

    Today marks 38 weeks! While I’ve been sharing updates every 4 weeks, time has slipped away and it’s now been 6 weeks since my last update. And boy have things changed!

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  • DIY Wooden Baby Gym and Toys

    June 4, 2018Sarah Khandjian

    With the arrival of #babygirlhearts just around the corner, I’ve been DIY-ing lots of fun baby things. One of my favorite projects thus far is this simple wood frame baby gym. Learn how I made it and download the free…

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  • June 2018 Tropical Flowers Wallpaper

    May 30, 2018Sarah Khandjian

    Send some serious tropical vibes to all your devices with this free tropical flower and plant wallpaper. Available with a June 2018 calendar for your phone, computer and tablet.

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  • How to Organize Under the Kitchen Sink

    May 23, 2018Sarah Khandjian

    Today I’m sharing a look at how I keep above and below our kitchen sink tidy including links to all my go-to affordable organizational items.

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  • DIY Colorful Home Organization

    May 21, 2018Sarah Khandjian

    Does your home, office or craft room need a little organization? I got 2 simple DIYs that will help you get your supplies organizing in no time!

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  • How Not to Paint Concrete Floors

    May 16, 2018Sarah Khandjian

    If you are thinking about painting concrete floors you must read this post. Sarah shares what she learned and what she would do differently after painting the floor in her garage studio a bright yellow.

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