Pregnancy Update – 38 weeks

June 6, 2018Sarah Khandjian

maternity overalls | tank | necklace


Today marks 38 weeks! While I’ve been sharing updates every 4 weeks, time has slipped away and it’s now been 6 weeks since my last update. And boy have things changed! Before you gawk at how small my belly is at 38 weeks, don’t fret, the photo above was taken couple weeks ago and rest assured I’m much, much bigger now.

The next update will hopefully be a birth announcement!

EATING: still wanting all the sweets. While the later is nothing new (in pregnancy), these cookies have been my jam. I won’t tell you how many I eat after lunch everyday. I almost think they are better than Oreos. I know. Also eating tons of spicy foods and pineapple with chili and cayenne pepper which are doctor’s orders but also my usual favorites!

DRINKING: popping the La Croix’s like crazy and wanting iced lattes…with whole milk everyday. Savoring that one cup my doctor allows each day!

READING: ok, just listening, to the audio book of The Happiest Baby on the Block and finishing up some of the books I mentioned previous updates.

WANTING: all the clutter in the house to magically disappear. Nesting has hit hard the past couple of months and I want to sell/donate/toss all our possessions as new Amazon boxes arrive everyday.

SLEEPING: well, kinda. I seem to sleep well every second or third night as it’s getting more and more difficult to get comfy.

WEARING: dresses more than anything right now as anything else, even maternity yoga leggings are uncomfortable. My go-tos are still the knit Bettine dress I sewed and the chambray and the plaid shirt dresses from Target.

FEELING: intense menstrual-like cramps for over a week straight. Not consistent (thanks Braxton-Hicks) but just down right annoying because it’s making it really hard to get anything done. Also feeling so tired after running one errand or completing one task around the house. Trying to listen to my body and nap when I can and let go of the previously mentioned clutter and incomplete work tasks. I’m pretty sure this skill will come in handy soon but it’s really hard for someone whose normal is doing a million things everyday and wants to be in control.

LOVING: the nursery. It’s already become my favorite room in the house and I can’t wait to share it with you. Also just loving on this little girl hard already and cannot wait for her to be welcomed into this world. We already have so many places we want to take her this summer!





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