renegade wrap up!

June 19, 2008Sarah Khandjian


thanks to everyone that stopped by my booth at the brooklyn renegade craft fair. we had a great time making many new friends. it was great to meet some of my favorite crafters and see their goods in person. and for those of you who frequent emptees, seibei was there with a cool booth (including an astro-turf mat). 

kevin and i arrived in maryland on friday afternoon running on only one hour of sleep and a few short, uncomfortable naps on the airplane. we then ran a few errands to pick up a few last minute things and then we were on i-95 north on our way to rob and maggie‘s house in connecticut. we arrived around 1:30 am due to the construction in every lane on the george washington bridge (if you live in the area, or need to go east bound on the bridge i don’t recommend it)!

saturday we arrived at the mccarren park pool around 9 am and got all set up around 11. the fair was slow at first, as people were still asleep. traffic picked up as the afternoon passed. unfortunately everyone had to call it an early day around 4 pm when a major thunderstorm came upon the pool. we had a yummy dinner with the dobi’s and some friends at a thai restaurant near their home in ct.

sunday was a better day. more people were out and about earlier and we did pretty well. the grocery tote and the espresso pocket bag were the most popular items the entire weekend. we packed up everything that night and headed back down to baltimore. monday we slept in and recovered a bit from the busy weekend. we had a messy maryland dinner of fresh crabs before we caught a late flight home.

here a few photos from saturday:





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