Paint Stir Stick Table Runner

June 4, 2014Sarah Khandjian

A wood table runner for cheap! Made with stained, paint stir sticks. Click through for video tutorial.

If you have a growing collection of paint stir sticks in your garage, dust them off and create this wood table runner. And if you don’t have any, run to the home improvement store and grab a ton of them. And if you’re afraid of people looking at you weird, you can make a couple trips and avoid grabbing 50 of them at a time.

The finished look is a wood table runner that looks high end that no one will know only cost a couple dollars to make! Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to make your own paint stir stick table runner.


– paint stir sticks (you can also buy 9″ ones or 14″ ones online)
– miter saw (optional)
– wood stain (I like this brand because it dries in 1 hour)
– foam brush
– hot glue gun and glue sticks
– wide ribbon
– paper towels

Paint stir sticks are transformed into a stylish wood table runner. (Click through for video tutorial)

Another great use for paint stir sticks. Learn how to make a table runner in this video tutorial.

Update the look for your dining table with a DIY table runner made out of paint stir sticks.

Check out more home decor DIYs on my YouTube channel and learn how to make the rose gold cork placemats shown above. 


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