Printable Thanksgiving Pillow Boxes

November 14, 2013Sarah Khandjian

Printable Thanksgiving Pillow Box Place Cards

These printable pillow boxes are a great way to dress up your Thanksgiving table. You can use them to stash sweets or nuts and place them on each dinner place. The yellow one also makes a great place card since there’s room to write someone’s name in the center. Or use the orange one as a new twist on thankfulness cards.

Download the printable Thanksgiving pillow boxes.

Printable Thanksgiving Pillow Box Place Cards

If you’re not hosting Thanksgiving dinner you can always print and assemble these for the hostess, I know she’ll appreciate it! Or you could always gift the host or hostess a bottle of wine adorned with one of the matching wine tags or bottle labels.

Printable Thanksgiving Pillow Box Place Cards

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year? Check out my festive DIY decor and printables.


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