Favorite Lunch Boxes

August 20, 2009Sarah Khandjian

I absolutely love lunch boxes. I’m a big fan of bringing my lunch to school/work. It’s usually healthier and cheaper to BYO lunch. And with this season’s lunch box selections, what’s not to love? Below are my favorites. It was hard just to pick a few!


1. RuMe JR! Reusable Bags available at Delight.
2. Gypsy Girl Soft Kit from Thermos.
3. ClassMate StudyHaul Lunch Box from Land’s End.
4. Built NY Munchlers Insulated Lunch Bag from Built NY available at Delight.
5. Jane Jenni – custom fit lunch bags by jane jenni available at Unica Home.
6. Printed Lunch Box from L.L. Bean.
7. Fugu Lunch Tote from Built NY. I have this one and I absolutely love it! It keeps food hot/cold for up to 4 hours.
8. Extra Relish Lunch Tote from Built NY.
9. The Lunch Box by Oots available at Delight.

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