DIY Modern Halloween Candle Decor

October 9, 2017Sarah Khandjian

If you follow my story on Instagram, you may already know that I’m already prepping for holiday DIYs since I prefer crafting for Christmas much more than Halloween. But that said, I couldn’t let the month slip by without creating some spooky decor.

This Halloween I created my version of modern, Halloween decor—rose gold candle holders adorned with spiders. And I even used a fun hack to decorate flameless, battery-operated candles.

Check out the full tutorial over on FUN365!


My hack for decorating faux candles is using temporary tattoos, as shown below. Not only does it create a unique look perfect for Halloween, this technique can be used for creating all sorts of custom, festive candles.


  • Amy

    October 12, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    So simple and chic!

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