Easy Chocolate Creme Brulee

June 17, 2011Sarah Khandjian

Last week one of my manager’s at the “fruit stand” gave me a kitchen torch! I had been wanting one for awhile and she said she had 3, so she kindly gave me one. So that weekend, while I was at Home Depot picking up a few things for the house, I purchased a can of butane. The first thing I wanted to try with my newly acquired torch was choclate creme brulee. I used this recipe as was impressed with the consistency and texture.

After chatting with Jaclyn, she recommended I coat the custard several thin layers of sugar, burning the sugar between each layer. This resulted in a thick “crust” and made the classic crunch noise when I hit it with a spoon. Delish.


  • jaclyn

    June 17, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    yay! i’m glad it turned out well! i love creme brulee like crazy, and the chocolate looks so delish!

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