Gifts for Equestrians

December 8, 2016Sarah Khandjian

Gift ideas for the equestrians and horse lovers in your life!

All you other equestrians out there know just how much you love getting horsey inspired gifts! If they’ve out grown Breyer horses, here are 9 great gift ideas for the horse crazy people in your life.

  1. Joules scarf – because horse printing anything is the best
  2. Perfect fit riding gloves – these can be worn year round and are smart phone compatible
  3. Apple Watch Series 2 – I love mine and love being able to answer calls (or make them in case of an emergency) while riding
  4. Ride art print – adorable no matter what disciple you ride
  5. Plaid winter vest – for keeping warm both at the barn and when you’re away
  6. Pony to-do list – gotta get some work done to pay for that horse!
  7. 14k gold horseshoe earrings – a must for any horsey lady
  8. horseshoe stamped belt – perfect for both riding breeches and jeans
  9. wine down hoof pick – because wine and horses go so well together

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