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June 12, 2015Sarah Khandjian

Add some color, fun and flavor to your summer with one of these adorable DIY projects! (click through for links to each one)

Don’t you just want some pineapple now? I know I do!

Every morning we were in Hawaii we had fresh pineapple at breakfast. There’s really nothing like it! If you adore pineapple too here are a few cute DIYs to try. I’ve also included two fun summer DIYs that would be cute at any party!

1. A painted pineapple ukulele?!? Yes, please (even if I can’t play it).

2. Teeny tiny alphabet confetti. Any type nerd (like myself) will love this.

3. Alphabet chalk—perfect for summer party favors.

4.  Homemade pineapple ice cream served in a pineapple of course.

I’m also loving:

These painted pineapple AND banana canvas slip-ons.

These bright painted placemats that remind me of beach balls.

These watercolor fruit coasters. Perfect for my watermelon punch.

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