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January 8, 2016Sarah Khandjian

Add color and sweets to your new year with these fun DIY projects, printables and recipes! (Click through for links to each one)

It’s Friday! And we’ve officially completed the first full week of 2016.

Anyone else have a really hard time getting back into your routine this week? I know I did. Between getting my horse settled in his new home in L.A. and figuring out my new daily schedule, things have felt a little all over the place this week. Here’s to hoping next week feels a little more put together.

Here are some of my favorite links to try this weekend:

  1. Iced chocolate cookies. Yes, please.
  2. A colorful DIY felt ball garland.
  3. A wearable resolution reminder in the form of a cute bracelet.
  4. Printable Valentine’s Day bear bags.

I’m also loving…

The newest Oh Joy! collection at Target.

Marie Kondo’s second bookHave you read it yet?

The peanut butter bark recipe.

This bejeweled sweaterIt’s 60% off!

This Valentine’s Day party cart.

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