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May 27, 2016Sarah Khandjian

Make a clutch, shibori pillow, earring stand or gold heart brooch this weekend! Click through for tutorials to each easy DIY project.

Happy long weekend!

I’m back home in Venice for the long weekend and boy did I miss this California coastal weather! After spending a week in Miami and the Florida Keys, I remembered just how much I don’t enjoy that humidity. But I did enjoy all that sunshine and time spent in the pool!

Get in maker mode this weekend and try one of my favorite DIYs from this week!

  1. Can you believe you can make this clutch without sewing?!
  2. I’m digging this pink take on shibori.
  3. Every pair of pretty statement earrings needs a pretty stand.
  4. Your favorite dress needs a little gold flair.

I’m also loving…

These keychains.
This downtown LA guide.
Seeing how 5 ladies wear this gorgeous midi skirt.
This tiny storage boxes.
Beaded gift wrap. Say what?!


A big thanks to everyone that shared my crispy onion ring video—it hit 1.1 million views this week!

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