Pesto and Yellow Tomato Pizza

August 5, 2013Sarah Khandjian

Pesto and Yellow Tomato Pizza | Sarah Hearts

I hope you had a lovely, restful weekend! My weekend was quite bust since I spent most of the week before in bed fighting the silly head cold. I ran 8-9 errands, including 2 trips to Michaels… well 3 if you count Fridays but I’m happy to say our guest bathroom update is done! I added the final details today and I can’t wait to share it with you later this week!

One of my many errands was stopping by the weekly Winter Park farmers’ market to pick up some things for this week’s meals. It’s a gem because it’s the closet place to our home where we can find local veggies. It’s also a special place to me because we had our wedding reception there.

Pesto and Yellow Tomato Pizza | Sarah Hearts

Pesto and Yellow Tomato Pizza | Sarah Hearts

Pesto and Yellow Tomato Pizza | Sarah Hearts

I purchased pizza bread (dense, flat bread rounds) from Old Hearth Bread Co. and a bunch of yellow tomatoes to make one of my favorite lunches ever—pesto and yellow tomato pizza. Earlier in the week I made some fresh pesto so I used that as the base rather than using marinara and just added some mozzarella and slices of yellow tomatoes. I baked it in the oven until the bread was nice and crisp and then I topped it with some basil from the backyard. Simple and absolutely delicious!

What’s your favorite simple farmers’ market meal?


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