Scallop DIY Projects

February 17, 2016Sarah Khandjian

If you love scallop details then you need to try one of these fun scalloped projects by @sarahhearts! (Click through for links to each one)

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that scallops are one of my favorite patterns. If you’re new to Sarah Hearts, then after a quick look around you’ll probably notice it too. I put them on just about everything! I love how they can be bold and graphic while still being feminine and delicate.

Scallop DIYs to try

  1. Give a mid-century dresser a makeover by painting a scallop drawer.
  2. Create the perfect place for office knick knacks with these scalloped storage jars.
  3. Did you know you can create your own scalloped printed ribbon?
  4. Transform a basket into a scalloped planter.
  5. Add a gold scallop border to a bubble umbrella.

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