Rustic Wood Wedding Invitations

July 14, 2014Sarah Khandjian

These rustic wedding invitations were printed on birch veneer and were wrapped with baker's twine and included these cute little flags.

My brother is getting married next month and I had the honor of designing his wedding stationery. His fiancé is also named Sarah (with an h!) and yes, it does get a bit confusing and yes, she’ll be taking my maiden name! They are having a simple wedding on a gorgeous farm outside of Atlanta and wanted invitations that would convey the rustic, laid back theme of their wedding.

A simple, rustic wedding invitation suite. Perfect for a barn or outdoor wedding celebration.

The wedding invitations were printed on birch wood veneer by Night Owl Paper Goods in Birmingham. It really makes their invitations stand out! I just love the wording the chose on them too. Down to the “barbecue, beer, and happily ever afters to follow.”

These birch wood invitations would be perfect for an outdoor, rustic wedding.

Sarah, my future sister-in-law, wanted to add little flags to each invitations. And they are favorite part of the stationery! The front side has their wedding date and the back has their monogram printed on them. I just think it’s such a fun touch!

Include a simple map with key locations, like the ceremony and reception venues and even include some fun destinations like your home!

Since most guests will be flying into Atlanta, they included a little map that shows where the wedding venue is in relation to downtown and the airport. They also wanted to add their new apartment to the map with a coffee cup icon since they both love coffee so much.

RSVP cards don't have to be formal and stuffy. Loving the wording on this one!

Keeping with the theme of the invitation, the wording on the RSVP cards are also cute and a bit casual. They opted to also add an email address for quick responses.

Kraft paper envelopes with simple address label wraps.

Loving the little flag that has the wedding date on it!


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